"392 - 8 To Perci."

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alrighty then. this is the first chapter. I am, as of right now, asking for votes on who should be Loki's love interest.


"I do not condone this Brother."

"I don't care if you do or not. If we want peace with the Asgardians this must happen."

"I will not let you use my daughter to broker a peace agreement with Odin!"

"And I do not want another war!"

"There has to be another way. There has to be." Poseidon almost begged.

"No. Your daughter will marry the prince of Asgard."

The Sea God's face twisted with distaste.

It was one thing for Zeus to force marriage upon his daughter. It was another for her to be wed to such a pompous and arrogant idiot who held no responsibility for his own actions.

The godling made Heracles look good. And that was no simple task.

Zeus took sudden pity on his brother and slowly shook his head, "As much as I dislike your daughter, I will first let them meet each other before declaring anything. How is that, brother?"

The Sea God looked up in shock at the Sky God.

He would do this? For Perci?

"Yes, I would. But for you, not your Sea Spawn."

Did he say that out loud?

"Yes, you did. I've heard from Apollo that there will be an attack on New York soon. Something to do with Odin's youngest chucking a hissy fit."

Poseidon snorted and stifled a laugh.

Zeus smirked, "You will send your daughter. Alone. Have her battle alongside him and hopefully..." He trailed off.

The God of the Skies looked at his brother.

"And if she kills him? She just might."

It was Zeus's turn to snort and smirk caressed his face, "Probably. But perhaps it won't come to that."


Thor was training with the Warriors Three and Lady Sif when he was called to a meeting with Odin. Though slightly irritated with the interruption of his fantastic wins against his companions, the blond prince bowed to his father's wishes and followed the tall, slim messenger.

When the great golden doors opened to show the Allfather, seemingly perched on his throne, the servant vanished. The hammer-wielding god frowned, knowing that the stature of his father, was only for show. Thor could see Odin was in turmoil, "You sent for me Father?"

The King of Asgard looked up at his son, a grim but somehow prideful look on his face. If that was possible, "My son. My news to you is somewhat good...but somewhat bad."

The blond's frown deepened.

"I have had word from the Greeks. They have wishes for peace as they have just won two wars with many casualties."

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