Chapter Two

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Check out the song on the side, it is featured in this chapter :) I loves the Beatles!!

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I stare at him in amazement. I just can't believe he is standing there. My father clears his throat. I quickly look down at my feet and stick my hand out. I can feel my face growing extremely warm.

I feel his hand slide into mine, and firmly grasp it. His long, slender fingers wrap tightly around my palm. I squeeze my hand slightly and as soon as he lets go I draw my arm back to my side instantly.

I walk back to my dad and keep my head down. I just need to think. This is crazy, and impossible! I feel a little bad for acting all weird, but what do you expect. I take a deep breath, and look up having decided to make up for it. I almost regret this because Greyson is staring right at me.

"Where's your wife Dan?" Jeff asks my dad. I feel Greyson's gaze on me as if I have a 100 pound weight on my shoulders.

"She works nights now. I can't complain though, 'cause atleast she's working," Dad chuckles, and the the two older men laugh as well, " Well why don't you guys come on into the living room and sit."

We all walk into the living room, and sit on the couches. I sit on the armrest next to my dad.

"Why don't you too kids run on up stairs while we have adult talk," Jeff says and Scott nods in agreement. I look down at my dad, and he smiles.

"Um- I uh- yeah okay," I stutter out, blinking rapidly. Greyson stands up and walks over to me, and smiles crookedly. I smile shyly back and motion for him to follow me.

"I'm Greyson by the way," he says as we walk up the stairs, "I never really told you my name."

I laugh awkwardly, "Nice to meet you."

We walk through the my door and Greyson's eyes instantly scan the room. I'm not surprised about the first thing he says.

"Nice music," he says approvingly, and starts humming along to 'Yellow Submarine.'

"Yeah, I love this song. It makes me want to dance like a weird-o," I laugh slightly as he steps further into my room and does a 360° turn.

He stops abruptly; an extremely large smile covers his face, and he starts laughing.

I follow his gaze to the corner of my room. My eyes widen and I slap my hand over my mouth. Oh my God how did I forget about that!! Greyson is currently laughing obnoxiously at me. My face turns a bright scarlet.

"Oh God!" Greyson laughs, "That's why you were so shocked when you saw me!"

"Stop laughing!" I yell but suddenly I'm laughing too. I cover my face with my hands. I can't believe I didn't think about the corner I have devoted to Greyson. Normally I keep all my celebrity posters on the inside of my closet door, but my Greyson Chance ones are the only exception.

I walk over and quickly peel them from my wall.

"Awe, well you didn't have to do that," Greyson says when he recovers. I glare at him from across the room.

"So does that mean that you love me?" he drags out the word love.

"Oh my gosh!" I fume. I'm a little overwhelmed by this whole experience. I don't know how to react.

"Okay, I'll stop," he says as if he had read my mind. His face falls a little bit.

" You don't have to feel bad," I reassure him and smile slightly. Once again the air is filled with a thick silence.

I walk over to my bed and sit Indian style in the center. I pull my pillow into my lap and hug it close to my chest. Greyson sits in my desk chair, eyeing my keyboard.

"You play?" he points at it. I shrug.

"Not much. Well I play all the time, but I'm not a child prodigy or anything," I say.

He nods knowingly, and walks over and runs his hand along the black and white keys. He sighs lightly, I almost didn't hear it.

"What's wrong?" I ask him. He takes a deep breath and turns to me. His warm brown eyes weighing down on me.

"I love what I do. I really do. But... sometimes it's a lot to handle. So many people have such high expectations of me, the expect me to be an amazing child prodigy, and it's overwhelming," he exhales and looks at his feet, "I'm always on a plane or in a car going somewhere different."

"I understand. I mean I don't have and thousand fans asking so much of me, but my parents are always expecting me to get straight A's and if I come home with a B+ then they think something is wrong. Yet my brothers come home with F's and all they get is a stern look," I shrug trying to relate, " Why are you here tonight anyway?"

"Nice to know you want me here," Greyson chuckles, " If you must know I'm going home to Oklahoma for a month as a break. My dad decided to have a small meeting on the way back from L.A., he's been meaning to come here for awhile. Lucky for him, our plane stopped in Austin anyway, and the next flight out to Oklahoma is at six in the morning. Plus, we can just sleep on the plane, and then when we get home."

"Makes sense," I shrug, "Why are you upset about not having a break if you're about to have a break?"

He lets out an aggrivated sigh and sits on the bed next to me. I scoot over to give him more room, and throw all my Sharpies on the ground. I turn to face him, still hugging my pillow close to myself. He runs his fingers through is shaggy hair.

"Even on breaks I still work. I enjoy writing songs, but I have a minimum I have to bring back to L.A. I still have to do a few random shows here and there. I just want to be a kid again," he bites his bottom lip looks at the floor.

Without thinking I place my hand on his shoulder; I can't help but feel sorry for him. He looks over at my hand then up at me. His deep chocolate eyes sparkle and bore into my green eyes. A small smile plays on the corner of his lips. My stomach erupts into butterflies.

"Well since your here we can have some fun! Act like kids, you know?," I say with a smile. Greyson's face lights up.

"Really!?" He says ecstatic, I nod," Thanks so much Ginger!"

He turns his body towards me with a jump, and pulls me into his arms. I sit limply in shock in his arms. Eventually I have enough will power to slowly lift my arms and hug him back.

"So what should we start with?" I ask after he lets go.

"I don't know," Greyson replies staring off into space thinking. His lips are pursed: they have a light pink color, and look so... soft.

Whoa Ginger, I think to myself, you need to NOT think that kind of stuff.

"Um... What haven't you done in a long time?" I ask after ripping my eyes from his lips, "Something you don't normally do because of your fame."

"I got it!" he says loudly.

A large smile lights my face.

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