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Kayla's pov (kayla in the media)

I heard Taylor grunting and continued to bang on her door

Taylor: Damn Wtf you want kayla it's 2 in the freaking morning

I stormed in her room "Taylor it's 5 in the morning we have class come on!"

She rolled her eyes and squirmed out of bed .

Taylor: Umm you mind getting out so I can change and take my shower?

Kayla: girl please nobody wanna see yo stanky booty self anyway

Taylor: My "Stanky booty" Isn't as bad as your stank attitude I was asking you politely I honestly don't have time for your bs this morning Kayla

And with that Taylor went to her bathroom and slammed the door. I instantly rolled my eyes and ran down stairs I had made some omelets for us but since my bestfriend wanted to act all funny I threw away her omelette.

Omg how rude am I lmao Hellooooo my name is Kayla I'm 21 ummm I'm in my junior year in college I do hair ya know a girl gotta earn money somehow🙂
My bestfriend is Taylor she's legit annoying af but we've been friends since 9th grade when she moved from Cali to Atlanta. I'm bi-curious.....cuz nigglets and bitchatas💀are fake Anyways enough about me.

Taylor's pov

As soon as I got out the shower I put my hair in a bun and did my edges. I threw on some ripped blue jeans shorts that stopped in the middle of my thigh and put on a crop tank top that read "Bhadie with a fattie" with my black and white vans

I smelled eggs and I assumed Kayla had made us her famous omelette filled with cheese, peppers,bacon,olives,and tomatoes. I bolted downstairs to see that there was no fucking food! I seen the pan in the sink and automatically got pissed. Why does she have to be so petty?! So I texted her

Me- Bitch why tf did you not make me and omelette!🙄

Bestie Westie🖕❤️🙂- Pettiness at its finest😘I actually made you one look in the trash your welcome boo🤞

I opened the trash to find my mf omelette smashed

Me: Omg your so annoying! Your lucky u left to go to class when u get home I'm beating your ass!

Bestie Westie🖕❤️🙂- Aight🤭

I rolled me eyes then headed off to class. Better be some cute guys in here!
Sorry that this Chapter  was a little boring I'll show all the characters pov in the next chapter. I also apologize for all the grammar mistakes I'm not perfect and I'm new to Wattpad so bare with me and share with your friends okurrrr🙂😂


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