Bound by you (part2)

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<3 Hello, Amrose here *wave*. This is the PG13 version of this chapter. If you are of age wish to read the much longer Mature chapter, you will find it in the "When death takes notice (mature chapters)" book on my profile. I will try and write both a PG13 version and a mature version of all mature chapters to come. <3

He sat up again at that, his body flush up against mine while I still straddled his lap, his mouth inches away. I took a deep breath, his intoxicating smell entered my nostrils and filled me. His soft lips brushed against mine for half a second before he pulled back again. His blazing eyes searched mine for the longest time before he slowly bent down again, giving me time to pull away. His delectable lips pressed more firmly against mine this time as he started to gently kiss me. He only stopped for a few seconds to nipp at my bottom lip, before he furiosly started to attack my mouth with his again.

A fire started in the pit of my stomach and spread like a wildfire throughout my entire body. My mind screamed at me that this was insane. I was deathly afraid of him one second, furious at him the next, then so turned on that I felt like I had no control over my own body.

I opened my mouth against his fevered kisses, allowing his tounge to find mine. I moaned into his mouth, as I returned his kisses with the same fevered passion he showed me. His left arm brushed up my back and settled in the nest of my hair, pressing my head firmly against his. His other hand found its way down my side, brushing agains the side of my brest as it worked its way down, reaching my thigh.

"Your so beautiful" He whispered inbetween the fevered kisses, "Taste so sweet." He kissed his way over my cheek and down my throat. My entire body tingled as he nipped at my collarbone. My eyes closed, and my head bent slightly backwards to grant him better access to that sweet spot. His mouth of my neck sent blissfull shivers down my spine.

He continued to kiss my neck, and touch me gently in places which I had never even dreamt of before. Every touch continuing to fuel the fire inside me. I was burning in his hands, it felt so right and so very, very wrong at the same time.

"Please" I finnaly managed to beg, the word left my mouth as a long whimpered moan.

He stopped his movements all togheter at the slight desperation in my voice, only his mouth still playfully kissing me. His dark cinnamon orbs moved. They flickered up and met my moist blue eyes which where mixed with both lust and fear.

"Please.. Im not.. I cant..I...I just cant.." I whispered my voice hoarse.

His lips caressed my skin one more time befor he stopped, the movement tearing a soft shamefull moan from my throat.

"Relax love. I promise that I wont have you tonight. I am only going to make you feel good" His voice husky, as he gently pushed me down into the matress. "Really good." A kind smile softened his entire face, and like the soothing massage earlier, it made me relax back against the matress.

He bent down, his body halfway over me. He gently kissed my mouth again, and I kissed him back after hesitating for a bit. The soft kiss was a welcome reprieve from his previos hot advances.

He was leaning over me, using one arm to balanse himself. Suddenly I felt his other hand land on my stomach. It startled me, but he made me relax again when he started drawing lazy circles on my stomach with the tips of his fingers. It felt nice, so comfy and nice. I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the soft sensations. His fingers trailed down, circling my bellybuttion, it almost ticlkled, he continues playing, gently grazing across my skin. He deepened the kiss, sliding his tounge into my mouth. I welcomed the silky sweetness with my own tounge, as we stroked against eachother. Just tasting, caressing, enjoying eachother. I whimpered as his caresses became to much.

"Shhhhh.. Relax love..I promise that this will make you feel oh so good." He whispered against my cheek, before he leaned back to watch my face with his hooded eyes.

And he did, he made me squirm undearneath him as he playfully kissed me, touched me, made me beg him not to stop, but he never crossed that line, hekept his promise. Giving me pleasure, but taking none for himself. He watched me with hodded cinnamon eyes as I rode the waves of pleasure that coursed through me, his kisses ever so gentle upon my skin. He watched me untill the waves dimmed down untill nothing but sweet, sweet relaxation.

"Lets go to sleep love" His voice hoarce as he lay down beside me and pulled me into his strong arms. And I let him. He positioned me with my back against him, one lazy arm draped around me. I tensed as I feelt him hard against my butt, but he made no move to assault me. He was holding his own painfull lust in check, keeping his promise to me. And I relaxed against him.

"Does it hurt" I whispered, barly audible.

"Does what hurt?" He mumbled into my hair.

"Its trobbing.." I added, as I shifted my position a bit.

He shook behind be, a low rumble in his chest as he tried to contain his laugh.

"Stop laughing!" I said as i turned to face him.

His eyes where sparkling with mirth, his lips tugging up in the corners, he was breathtaking.

"You are just so damn cute." His velvet voice slid across my skin, making a pleasant shiver run through me.

He bit his bottom lip as he tok me in, the laughter slowly fading from his face. He gently took a hold of my hand, and placed it on top of the hard throbbing part. My eyes widened, my mind went blank, a slight tremble started from my bottom lip and spread to my entire body.

He closed his eyes, and let out a small sigh before opening them again. He then gently moved my hand, and placed it against his chest, right on top of his beating heart. He pulled me close, cradling me against his warm chest.

"Lets go to sleep" He whispered against the top of my head.

I closed my eyes, feeling safe in the warm cocoon. My tired mind slowly drifting off while my head rested on top of his stong arm, I felt safe.

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