Chapter 41

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Daiyan drummed his fingers on his knees as he looked at the giant wall clock for the umpteenth time. From the past half hour, it felt the clock's hands were stuck at quarter past seven. He literally had checked if that clock was working or not. The phase of the wait was always terrible for him because Daiyan Mustafa was an impatient one. And when he was waiting for Safiya Jameel, the wait would surely leave a bad taste in his mouth.

The person who Muaz had met was Rameez Hamid, the in charge of bus bookings. He quickly recognized Safiya from her photograph which Muaz showed him and stated that it was hard to forget her due to her confusion. Because she was a hell lot of confuse as to which bus to take, she had no idea where she wanted to go. But at last, she took the bus to Bhopal and came here.

Daiyan didn't know what was going in his mind, he was furious on his wife. Safiya just left him and then stayed at some orphanage worrying him and her grandma. What was seriously going on with that little girl? But apart from that, he was at some peace that Safiya was safe because she hadn't left any option to jump into the puddle of danger.

From the bus station, he had quickly departed for Bhopal and had reached by four in the morning at Safiya's house. Dado was constantly mumbling furious remarks for Safiya after coming to know about her arrival in Bhopal. It was her guess that she might be staying at that orphanage which was so much close to his wife's heart.

After getting fed up with his confused mind, Daiyan had decided to sent Batool aunt to the orphanage to look for Safiya. He could not trust his emotions in front of Safiya and the thing she had done, he was sure he would hurt her by her words or whatnot. So it was good to stay away from her for the time being and her grandma could handle the situation properly.

The door opened with a thud as Daiyan stood up from his place to welcome Safiya but to his utter luck, she entered the living room with her luggage and giving him a cold glare, got upstairs to her room. Now what he had done? He should show her some anger, that cold glare. But no, here she was behaving like Daiyan was having an extramarital affair.

For God's Sake!

Daiyan quickly moved towards the staircase, he had shown more than enough patience on her silliness. Now he had to confront her and decipher what was running in her mind. A hand on his shoulder stopped him in his tracks and on turning, he found Batool aunt looking at him with concern.

"Son, Safiya's past had made her stubborn. She will not change her mind. I tried to make her understand, I think she is hiding something and you can make her say it. "

Daiyan pondered over her words. Why couldn't she just trust him? Why Safiya always had to treat him like a stranger in her life. If she would have trusted him a little bit, he wouldn't be standing here. He silently nodded making his way towards her room which was locked from inside.


"Go back, Daiyan Mustafa. I don't want to talk to you."

"I didn't come here to hear your tantrums, Ms.Safiya. So open this damn door or I will break it. "

Daiyan shouted, banging the door with his full might. If Safiya was not liking his polite appearance, he wouldn't waste his time pretending to be one.

"You won't do such silliness. "

"Don't try to challenge me."

Silence surrounded them both, Safiya was silent at another side of the door and he too didn't speak further as if he was fearful of what he would utter in his anger or remorse.

"Open the door, Safiya."Daiyan requested now, in a silent plea but his spouse was really a stubborn soul just like Batool aunt had stated.

"Give me some time, Daiyan. Please."

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