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Ughhh these period pains are killing me, i need shawn but hes just sat staring at his phone. "Ahgghghghvh!!!" i screamed-shawn looked at me and glared at me before Turing his gaze back to his phone.

"Shawn help please i feel like im dying!!"i shout him -he just stood up and walked out. I screamed and shouted a bit more before i heard shawn shout "shut the fuck up your irritating me every girl gets period pains and cramps soo please shut up"he slammed his fists agains the wall.

"My freaking album comes out tonight and im soo under pressure ,and you are just whinging" he storms of.


"I wish i never had you, your soo anoyying" my dad shouts  slapping me
"Your mother never wanted you no wonder why she left us" he kicked me in the stomach, he kicked me repeatedly shouting abusive content at me. Until everything went balck

End of falshback

What shawn said brought back soo many memories and emotions  - i go to walk up stairs when i reach the top one my breath hitched my eyes became blurry and i fell back tumbling down the stairs.


I woke up in a white room- i looked around before my eyes sropped at a brunette boy fast asleep in the chair next to me, i moved my body to sit up which made the machine next to me beep.

Shawn jumps at and looks at me "babygirl , oh thankgod your ok-im soo sorry i should have never shouted at you like that i was just stressed im really sorry baby" i just smiled "its fine really shawn i know it was my fault i had a flash back of the man i used to call father" his face went to a sympathetic face.

He stands up and kisses me on the cheek "i will go get the doctor" i walks out and walks back in with a doctor a couple minutes after "hello mrs mendes" the doctor spoke, i gave him a confused look. "Sorry there must be a mistake my name is yusra y/l/n" i said, a wave took over shawns face and put a disappointed look on it.

The doctor told me that he will prescribe me some tablets what should stop the flash backs. He said its my body reacting the way it should have in the moments, but because i was in a coma my body couldnt react to what was happening-so me having flash backs is bringing the pain back. After he explained he went he said he would come back with the tablets when hes got them.

"Have i done something" shawn ask -i stayed quiet and stared at him. "Yusra i asked you a question please answer me" he pleaded. "Shawn ,im not perfect i know that but when im on my period i at leat want some clingy times i know i might annoy you but what you did just brought back soo many memories and emotions shawn if you cant do that or cant even look at me while i need you i think we sho......" i was about to finish but shawn cut me of.

"No yusra listen to me, your my perfect i dont care what anyone else thinks to me you are, you can be clingy for as long as you need and im so sorry that i didnt give you attention its my album it came out last night i was soo nervous because i didnt know what they would think of my new music and really i shouldn't care because i should have all my attention on you" he stated, i smiled

"Babe thats the cutest thing i have ever heard but you dont need to give me all your attention i know how much your music means to you and i wont come in the way of that because im soo proud of you i love you and i hope we are together forever" i giggled at the end because of my little rhyme.

"Im glad i love you yusra 'mendes'" he said and stated the mendes which causes me to laugh "i love you to shawn 'mendes'" i minimic him. With that he smashes his lips on to mine.


I hope you like it Yadeelbooks123 part to is being writen as soon as possible but i hope you enjoy this one xx ~n❤💚💜💙💛💛💙💜💚❤

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