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Liz stood nervously next to Sweet Pea as it was the last part of the initiation for Jughead

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Liz stood nervously next to Sweet Pea as it was the last part of the initiation for Jughead.
"You are not going to hurt him much, right?"
Pea glanced down at her and saw the worried look on her face.
"Don't worry, Lizzie. It won't hurt much."
Liz sighed.
"I just don't want to see him hurt."
Pea's eyes softened at the strawberry blonde.
"It's the part of the initiation. But I promise I would go easy on him, for you."
Liz glanced at him.
"Thank you, Sweets."
Jughead started walking and the first punch landed.
Liz turned around, she couldn't stand to watch it. She felt tears, she was worried for him.
Sweet Pea glanced at her and softened at her tear stained cheeks.
"He's a big boy."
Liz glanced up and brushed her tears.
"I'm sorry. I'm so weak."
Sweet Pea smiled.
"You are not weak. You love him. I get it."
Liz smiled.
Jughead walked to Pea and he grinned. He was about to punch him real hard but he softened his punch a little. Jughead fell down but got up.
Liz turned to him just as Pea and him shook hands.
Liz jumped in his arms and he groaned.
Liz pulled away.
Jughead smiled.
"I love you, Lizzie."
Liz hugged him again, more gently this time.
"I love you too, Juggy."
Liz turned to Pea.
"Walk me home?"
Pea glanced at Jughead, who nodded.
Pea looked at the green eyed girl and nodded.
They started walking when halfway to their path, Liz stopped.
"My legs are killing me."
Pea glanced at her feet and saw heels with a small belt around her ankles.
"It's probably the shoes. You shouldn't wear them."
Liz gasped.
"But they look so cute."
Pea chuckled lightly and bent down. He put one hand on her back, the other going under her knees and he lifted her.
Liz let out a little squeal as he lifted her.
She looked at him and he smiled.
Liz nodded as she looked at his neck tattoo of a snake.
Liz started tracing the tattoo and Sweet Pea shivered.
"I like it."
Pea glanced at her as she put her head on his shoulder. He was in love. He couldn't deny that.
He stopped in front of her house and put her down.
Liz moved her hair from her shoulder and took Pea's hand, playing with his ring.
He hummed as he couldn't take his eyes off of her.
"Thank you for walking me home. I know you didn't have to."
Pea smiled.
"Anything for you. I'll call you tomorrow for our date."
Liz smiled up at him. She stood on her tip toes but couldn't reach him. Pea saw her struggle so he leaned down.
She pressed a soft kiss on his cheek and smiled up at him.
"Thank you."
Sweet Pea watched her walk into the house and sighed.
"What is she doing to me?"
He pulled out his phone and called Toni.
"What do I do for our date tomorrow, Toni? I'm not exactly a romantic type. I'll be there in a minute."
Liz saw Archie sitting in kitchen and sighed. She missed him.

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