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i walk towards the entrance to my english class. we have english all day today, i hope it goes well. i open the door quietly, smiling at mr dun and sitting at my seat, which is at the front of the classroom, sadly.

i wait patiently as students start filing into the class, soon enough filling up all the desks. brendon and kellin haven't showed up today, which isn't really a surprise; they never come to school. they prefer just hanging out in the mall.

"good morning, class!" mr dun says, quieting the class.

"good morning, mr dun." we all say in unison as i open up my book ready to take notes for the day.

"so, today, i would like you to partner up and write an essay about all your hobbies." he states, sitting behind his desk.

i get to work, writing about my hobbies, which are: swimming, running, and sleeping. i was going to put my 'little' hobbies, but i don't think they count sadly.

after finishing, i put my hand into the air to signify that i'm finished. he takes notice of my hand in the air and motions me over with his hand, a huge smile on his face; probably because i finished withing 10 minutes of being assigned the project.

i walk slowly towards him, but half way to his desk, someone sticks their foot out and i fly face first into the desk. tears flooded from my eyes, my head spinning. i feel myself starting to get dizzy and then i just.. blacked out.


i blink my eyes a few times, trying to regain my eyesight. my head feels like it's been hit with a brick and my whole body feels.. dead.

i sit up slowly, ignoring the shooting pains that rush through my head as i do so. i've probably got a concussion, but i'll be fine.

i look at my surrounding, my vision blurred but i can still see slightly. i turn my head slowly in a 360 degree motion and stop when i can see a.. blurry face? i think it's a face, anyway.

i reach forward and touch the blur, earning a chuckle from the owner of the face.

"are you okay, tyler?" i hear the sweetest voice in the world. it's definitely mr dun. no one else in the world has such a sweet voice.

"mr dun?" i ask, my voice coming out scratchy and high pitched. "what happened?" i ask before he can reply to my first question.

"you were tripped up by another student and hit the desk real hard. i'm pretty sure you will be okay, but the principal advised me to let you stay in my office until the end of the school day.

i nod, understanding. "so.. how long have i been here?" i ask, my voice still rough.

"about an hour, i think, tyler, but the boy also took your backpack. the things inside are scattered across the floor." he says, and my heart starts thumping faster.

it means he's seen my pacifier. he's seen my coloring books. he's seen my sippy cup. he's seen all my little stuff.

maybe he didn't notice, i reassure myself. he probably did, though.

"okay.." i say, my voice unsure.

"i saw what was in there" he says, sighing.

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