Chapter 9 ~ Zayn

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Chapter 9 ― Zayn

You would think Niall swore while watching a game. I thought that no one could compare to the Irish boy but, man was I wrong! Mila swore like a truck driver in his worst day. But it was fun to watch her so passionate and immerse into something she loved such as football. I liked sports but I never was so excited as I was during that game with Mila next to us. She had so much energy and you just couldn’t help be dragged into so much emotion. I had to admit that I never enjoyed a game that much, until that day. In fact just watching her was quite the experience, even when she was fangirling over a fictional character with Alex.

When they were screaming for The Avengers, something odd happened. Normally I enjoyed looking at Alex, her reactions and the way she acted, so carefree, so energetic, so full of life. It was something I couldn’t help, to watch her being herself. But that day, with Mila next to her, my attention was dragged to the shorter girl, the one with the glasses, a stronger personality and impressive lungs. I still couldn’t believe how something as petite as Mila could scream that loud.

Mila… what did she have that made me look at her like there was no one else in the room? Even Alex was out of focus when I was watching Mila. Maybe it was her smile so bright and warm, or maybe it was that power that you could feel radiating from her small body, or maybe it was that look that seemed to see right through your barriers and into your soul. Mila’s eyes had something special, a captivating brightness that kept me coming back o them over and over again.

I was enjoying looking at her, learning more about those little things like how when she pretended to cry she ran all her fingers over her face and her little hands looked so cute over her cheeks. Or like she hated when someone touched her hair, something that Louis learned the bad way when he was trying to be friendly so he stroked her hair and she just hit him in the guts.

“She’s nice,” Harry commented resting his weight on my shoulder. I looked up at him and he was smiling whilst looking at Mila and Niall still commenting one moment of the game. Alex was next to them, grinning and playing with the blond’s hair. “You should tell her she’s great and we all should be friends forever!” He added faster than usual what meant he was already drunk. Well, we all were a tad bit tipsy.

“No!” I replied quickly. “Why would I do that? She doesn’t like me,” I reminded him looking into his green eyes.

“Rubbish! I bet she likes you, too,” Harry mused and after a couple of seconds, he stood straight. “In fact, I’m gonna tell her what you can’t ‘cos you’re a pussy! Ha, pussy!” And he left, laughing at himself. I just stayed there looking at the scene where Harry promised to invite her all the time to all our parties. I couldn’t complain, the idea of having her around made me… happy.

In a moment her eyes met mine and I held her gaze, looking right into those chocolate eyes. My mind went blank, there was nothing else but what I could see and that was her, just her.

Probably we could have stayed like that for a long time, but she broke contact when her phone went off and she held a conversation with who had to be Moni, her friend. After she hung up she let us know that she was leaving, that Moni was coming to pick her up and I couldn’t stop myself.

“You’re leaving?” I asked as if ‘Moni. She’s coming for me’ wasn’t enough to understand that she was indeed leaving. After all, it was late.

She met my gaze looking surprised and a bit confused, probably it was due to my reaction but I didn’t want her to leave yet. I wanted to talk to her, maybe make her like me so we could be friends, but I hadn’t talked to her since that moment in the kitchen and I didn’t want her to go without trying to talk to her again. I wanted to know if she felt this weird thing when we hugged or if she couldn’t stop thinking of me.

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