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Lunch..yay? So fun! Not. I sat down with Harvey at the lunch table while I had an apple for lunch. 'So who are you going with tonight.. is it that Sophie girl' I winked while nudging him. He blushed and looked down 'maybe, what about you?' He questioned. 'Probably just by myself' I smiled. 'No you are not going by yourself!' Harvey commanded. 'And why not?' I laughed. 'Because you just can't!' He replied. 'Fine I'll take my brothers with me!' I smiled. 'BROTHERS!!!' Harvey shouted. Then everyone shouted 'FRANKIE YOU HAVE BROTHERS!?' I nodded and they all looked shocked.
— at home—
'Hey Grayson Ethan can you come here a sec?' I shouted. 'Sure' they shouted back. They ran down the stairs and I asked them 'Can you come with me to my party tonight?' I smiled. They looked at each other 'party?' I nodded. 'Yes! We will be ready by 8' they laughed and ran off to their room.
-in the car-
We were in the car driving to Ethan's house for the party. We knew we were close when we smelt the thick alcohol and the music was bursting our ears. As we were walking in everything stopped 'ETHAN CAN I HAVE A PICTURE! AND GRAYSON AN AUTOGRAPH' they shouted. 'We're gonna go' they whispered into my ear while I nodded and hugged them goodbye. Soon enough everyone crowded me asking about them, 'sorry can you stop asking about them because it's really annoying' I ask. 'I bet' someone laughs.  I nod and walk to Harvey and I decide to annoy Max as payback for in maths. Ah he is standing with Harvey. 'Hey harvey hey Cax!' I hug them both. Harvey laughs while max goes 'it's..Max'. 'Oh' he laughs along with me. 'I'm just playing with you' I say while bumping his shoulder.
Soon enough Harvey went off with Sophie and me Max started talking we exchanged numbers and now we are dancing...
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