Book 1: Chapter 1

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I woke up in my bed and sat. I looked around. My sister was huddled on the bed next to me and our dad is in the bed in front of us

My name is Skylor Chen. I am 16 years old. I have fire-red hair and amber eyes. My red hair is unusual for the people here in the District 12. My sister's name is Amber. She has light brown hair and looks like dad.

District 12 is a city of Ninjago. Ninjago has been concurred before 74 years, that we call the 'Dark Days'. Originally, the Districts were 13 but District 13 has been destroyed years ago.

I got up from my bed and changed into my hunting clothes.

Since my mom died and my dad got into depression, I have to put food in my family's mouths. I do it with hunting.

I walked out of my home and to the fence that separates the city and the forest. It's supposed to be electrified 24/7, but there is not enough electricity for that.

I went through the fence via the hole in it. I walked deeper and retrieved my bow and arrows from one three, then walked deeper. I hunted a little. I caught some squirrels and put them in my game bag, then walked up to my and my best friend's spot.

My best friend is Jay Walker. He is two years older than me. We've know each other since I was twelve and he was fourteen. He has two younger brothers and one younger sister. Since his father died, he has five mouths to feed.

When I arrived, Jay was already there, waiting for me. He is rather good looking. Auburn hair, electric blue eyes, fit. Every girl wants him, but he wants only one girl.

I sat down next to him and he titled his head to me.

"Hey Sky."He said.

"Morning Jay."he said and we stayed in silence for a while."How much times is your name is this year?"I asked, cutting the silence.

"Seventy-four."He said. You see, every year, there are Ninjago Games. In which, kids between the age of 12 and 18, are send to find in an arena, until only one still alive and is being crowned victor. Every year there is reaping, that chooses a boy and a girl and they are being send in the Capitol and after that in the Ninjago Games. When you are 12, your name is entered one time. When you are thirteen-3 times and so on. Jay's name is entered so much times, because he is signing up for tesserae, or for more food for his family. I also sighed up for it, but my name is entered forty-eight times.

"Well, Happy Ninjago Games Sky."Jay suddenly said, sarcastically."And may the odds-"

"-be ever in your favor."I cut him off. That's a silly reference that the Capitol people say every year on the reaping. That's just cruel, you know? Send kids right into their death.

"I Never want to have kids."I commented.

"I would, if I don't live here."Jay commented. What's the point in having kids if they will be send in the Ninjago Games, anyway?

After a while we headed down to hunt a little. When we were ready, we hide our bows and arrows and walk back into the city. We went to Greacy Sae, a woman working in the Hob, which is like our black market, then went to the Mayor. The Hunting is actually forbidden, but the Mayor likes our squirrels. We knocked on the door and no other than Nya Smith herself opened the door. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and her dark hair was down. Her ocean blue eyes piercing Jay's ones.

"Hey Nya."Jay said, waving at her and Nya looked down to hide her blush.

Remember the girl Jay wants? That's her. Nya Smith. The Mayor's daughter.

Me and Nya, we know each other. We are like the outsiders of the school. Both of us don't have friends, but the two of us together sometimes had some project together, so we are something like friends.

Her brother though, he's a hothead. He is the coolest guy in school and every girl wants him.

"Hi."Nya said to both of us. We traded fast and then we walked to the Baker and sold him some squirrels too. After that Jay walked me home.

"Well, see you later."Jay said.

"Yeah, bye Jay."I said and walked inside my home. Dad and Amber were getting ready. When they heard the door open, the two turned to me.

"Skylor!"Amber said and ran to me to hug me. I felt her trembling a little.

"Hey, Amb, don't be scared, okay?"I asked, kneeling a little to her eye level."Your name is entered only one time, Okay? There is only a slight chance that they will choose you."I said. Since Amber is 12 now, she enters the reaping for first time. I didn't let her sigh for tesserae though. There is no way I will let her.

"Skylor, come with me."my father said. Me and him don't talk a lot. When mom died, he locked inside himself and let me take care of Amber. I was only 12 and Amber was 6. Both of us needed our father then, but he just gave up on everything. Since then I don't have a lot of trust in my father.

I followed her into our room and saw one of my mother's old beautiful dresses laid on my bed. It was orange and knee high. I looked at my dad.

"It's for you."he said and I gave him a hug. He never wants anything hers around.

I changed into the dress and Amber put my hair into a high ponytail.

"You look beautiful."Amber voice said and I looked at myself in the mirror.

"And nothing like myself."I said and turned to her. She was wearing hand-down clothes from me. A white blouse and black knee high skirt. I walked to her and hugged her.

"You also look beautiful."I looked down and noticed that her blouse is out of her skirt. I unwrapped her from the hug and spun her, then tucked the blouse back in."There you go."I said and with that, we headed to the Circle, where the reaping is held every year.

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