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i open my eyes, which squint automatically as the sun shines brightly into my eyes. i sit up slowly, surprised to feel that my paci was still between my lips. it usually falls out overnight.

i look to my right, where the alarm clock sat on my desk. it's 7:13, which means i have just enough time to make it to school.

carefully, i make my way off the bed, taking out my paci and placing it safely on my bedside table. i make my bed quickly, putting mr bear between the covers when i'm done.

maybe today will be a good day. hopefully the principal still has the records of my locker combination.

i open my closet, walking in and pulling out a white sweater saying 'i love rainbows' on it and black pants matched with black hi top converse.

i throw them on, heading to my mickey mouse themed bathroom and washing up quickly, making sure i looked okay.

once i'm satisfied with my appearance, i head back to my bedroom, grabbing my paci and shoving it in my pant pocket, along with my iphone 8 and earpods.

i grab my backpack, pulling on my shoes and locking my bedroom door shut after i exit it. i walk down the spiral staircase, my eyes landing on my father who seemed to be reading a book.

"mornin' dad" i call down to him, leaning over the bars on the staircase.

"morning, son!" he smiles, waving up at me, putting his book down and standing up. "i've already cooked breakfast, it's pancakes, if that's alright." he says, pointing towards the kitchen.

"yeah, thanks! i love pancakes." i thank him, finishing my journey down the staircase.

i walk into the kitchen, where dad is now spreading nutella and strawberries on his pancakes. i copy him, grabbing a knife and cutting up the strawberries and putting them on the pancake, finishing it off with drizzling some nutella on it.

i sit on the large dining table, thanking my father and eating the delicious food. i should have this more often, it really is wonderful. i look up at dad, who is frowning again. i hate seeing dad frown, but he has been since mom died. our bond is close, and i always find out a way to make him laugh, but he is still broken, and i don't think i can fix him.

"i love you very much dad, mom does too." i smile at him, which makes him lift his head in happiness, a genuine smile etched onto his face.

"i love you too son, and mom loves you very much." he replies, looking back down and eating his food, the smile staying where it was. i love making him happier, it makes me happier.

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