The Bad Boy and the Tomboy

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Started Saturday, July 12, 2014

||Hey readers, thanks for giving this book a shot!!!!!! Lol too many exclamation points. This is the one story I actually plan on finishing because I have lots to cover on it. Also I update this story fast usually. Anyway- Vote, Comment and Promote!!!||

Warning: This story involves swearing, the knowledge of most boys' minds and minor cliffhangers. Read at your own risk :)

Chapter One: "May His Soul Be Cast Forever in Davy Jones' Locker."

I WATCHED MY TWO best friends eat the living hell out of the hotdogs on their plates. I, holding the video camera in my hand, recording every shot as Andrew was getting smoked by Jasmine. With one more hot dog in her hand, she was beating him by two as she stuffed the last hot dog, finishing it in three bites.

"I win! In your face Dee, Dee." My best friend said her mouth still full.

He wiped the spit on his face and grimaced. "Okay. Okay. Even though you won just proves that you can eat like a lion."

Jasmine rolled her eyes at him, swallowing her food. "Shut up."

Andrew smirked at her. "You know what they say, 'You are what you eat'."

Jasmine looked pissed off now. "Smooth coming from-"

I cut of the rest of the conversation as I clicked the stop button and retired to my couch in the living room. Spreading out on the comfy seat, I looked over the hotdog eating contest laughing at my friends faces. Jasmine was the immature one of our trio. She seemed to be the silliest of the bunch but everyone knows not to get on her bad side. Her bad side proves that she is a lion but she's the girl I've known since 3rd grade that shared her lunch with me. I still don't think she's changed. Some racist girls at our school always make fun of Jasmine and I's friendship. Just because she's black doesn't change anything about her being my best friend. Andrew just says that their jealous that she's rich, pretty and kind. It true...until she turns into the spawn of Satan.

Andrew was a total different matter. While all of us occasionally get good grades, he's the serious one of the bunch but the jokester in a way. Him- also known as a ladies' man is one of those sensitive, 'I listen and understand' kind of guys. I call it garbage. I don't know how he does that, truly, the girls at our school will complain if someone touched their handbags. But he was known for his good looks of blonde hair and blue eyes and that dimple on his left cheek that drove the girls crazy.

When I walk down the hallway, most girls stare at me as if to say 'how are you not attracted to him?' I have the answer with an eye roll. None of these girls have seen him burp, fart or stick his B.O in your face. Like every guy, he had that disgust in him.

I, don't have the looks of a teenage Megan Fox nor the attitude of a sweet little girl. Andrew describes me as deadly when you get to know me, very. To the outside world people say I'm shy and quiet. Jasmine would give them the 'Are you crazy?' look. I'm...loud? Depends on which soccer or basketball team was playing. But I'm quiet when I'm in my room curled up with a good book or when I first talk to new people that intimidate me. In short words, I'm plain me. The girl with long hair that needs to be cut and layered, has no fashion sense and doesn't like hanging out with girls. To me, they're too complaining and can't stop talking about gossip. Jasmine was the only one I stuck to because she wasn't like that. When I found that out, I looked towards the heavens and yelled 'Thank you, God'. That resulted to every girl, in the quad staring at me like I was mental but it was totally worth it.

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