Chapter 19

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The Brains Behind Daddy

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Jake's POV:

      Kevin threw the first punch. I gotta say he hit pretty hard, but not hard enough to knock me down. I came back and hit him three times as hard and he went flying to the floor. I pounced on him. He started flailing around and managed to kick me off of him. He plastered me against the wall and I was starting to take blows to the face. I pulled his head down and kneed him right in the gut. He leaned over in pain. I kicked him right in the stomach and he went straight down. This time I jumped on him and secured him to the floor.

       He kicked and punched but I could tell he was getting tired. I put him in and choke hold I had learned in judo and kept a steady pressure. "Tap out or pass out." I said trying to make him surrender. "Never." He stated starting to doze off. I let go as soon as he lost consciousness. "That'll teach him." I whispered feeling accomplished.  As soon as I stood up I wanted to go report this to General Forson. "Jake, I need you two for a mission."I heard the general say behind me as I stood up. He looked at me than at Kevin. "Sir, he hit me first and he made out with my girlfriend, who I might add, is his partner and I don't think he is suitable for this mission." I spit out the words nervously, knowing I was about to get in trouble. "I had my doubts about him. I'll get Lilly another partner. We'll get medical for this." he said and I was surprised at how laid back General Forson was. "Medical." He yelled and pointed to Kevin. They came and picked him up in seconds. I could see Kevin start to wake up and I smirked a little.

        "We need to find as much information as possible on the people who brainwashed rogue Agent Williams. They will be referred to as the Brainwashers from now on." General Forson said as he handed us all packets telling us about our mission.  "Lilly, this is your knew partner, Anastasia.  She is a level 6 clearing. You two along with Chris and Jake will be Team Four. Your job is to infiltrate Williams' main office and collect as much information as possible about The Brainwashers." I was relieved I got on the mission with Lilly. I wouldn't have to worry about her that way because I would be with her. "Jake and Chris' partners will be teaming up and working with the rest of the team as the Enforcement Team. Make sure to keep the coast clear, get Team Four in and out of the building safely, and other necessary actions. Everyone clear?" we all nodded and got ready for the mission.

        We dropped our ropes into the base that had been taken over about 3 months ago. The Enforcement Team had done their job and we had to do ours. I was the first in the air shaft. We crawled trough and I saw a light. As I got closer I realized it was Agent Williams' office.

        I almost dropped out of the air shaft and into the office before I caught myself. I heard Williams talking on the phone. I lowered a wire into the office to listen and record the conversation. It was ... interesting.

       Finally Agent Williams left his office and we all filed out of the air shaft. We secured all the enterances and started searching. What I gathered from the phone call ,the Brainwashers are French. They wanted to meet with Williams but they didn't say where or when. Also the Brainwashers weren't working for France. They were also rogue and wanted to turn top spies from every contry onto one rogue team called The Eliminators.

       Lilly, Chris, Anastasia, and I all searched and collected files, but none of them made sense put together. We were just about finished when I heard the handle of the office door shake vigorously. "I thought I heard something. Why is this door locked, Kevin?" I heard as we lifted back in the air shaft. I waited to hear the conversation. "I don't know I just got here from their Headquarters 3 minutes ago." Kevin stated. Yes. That's right. The same Kevin that went on a very important mission with us and kissed my girlfriend (yes, I hold a grug). Thankfully the tool I used to record the phone call also recorded Kevin's conversation.

         We walked 2 miles off base where it was safe for the helicopter to take off. As soon as we got to headquaters we lined up outside of General Forson's office to give him a report of the mission. I was last which was killing me because I really had to tell him about Kevin. I was the only who had the proof.

     "I knew Kevin was not exactly the most trustworthy, but I didn't think the was completely rogue. Thank you Jake. Dissmissed." General Forson said and I let myself out of the room. I headed to the food court to join my friends. We always met up for food after missions.

       "Jake! Over here." I heard Lilly call as she pat the seat next to her. "Ahh, so you two made up?" Chris asked smiling. "Yes and I think I taught Kevin a lesson for what he did." I smirked thinking about the beatdown. "Speaking of Kevin, is it true that he is rogue? The rumors have been going around for a while, but you're the only one who heard the full conversation." John asked with one arm around Kaitie and one picking on his food. "Yeah, it's true. I was so stupid. I should've known sooner. The signs were all there. He was unloyal. He didn't want to help us fight at the base on the first mission. His fighting style even compared more to theirs than to ours." I sat with my head down, disappointed in myself. "It's not all your fault. He had us all fooled." Kaitie said trying to make me feel better. "Yeah, if I would've known, I'd never let him partner up with my sister." Jake said and I could tell he was mad about the situation ,too. I guess I really couldn't blame myself. I didn't do anything wrong.

       The next morning, General Forson called for a meeting. I was dressed and ready early so I decide to get Lilly a little present. We haven't been talking as much because of the mission and I want her to know I'm always here for her. I had an hour and a half so I went to one of the stores near base and bought some flowers. Her favorites were daisies so thats what I got. I wrote a little note on a card and stuck it in the flowers.

Dear Lilly,

I love you more than the stars and the moon. I love you more than words. You are my world.


     As much as I'm a bad boy, I hate to admit it but, I can be a softie ,too. I loved Lilly and even if she knew it I needed to tell her everyday. I would go to any distance to be with her.

      I ran to Lilly's dorm and set the flowers infront of her door. I heard some keys jingle so she was probably on her way out. I ran as fast as I could till I was out of sight.

        As I sat waiting for the meeting to begin, I saw Lilly glimpse at me smiling.  General Forson walked in the room, starting the meeting. "Yesterday on the mission Team Four discovered many clues. Although at the time none of you knew it the files you collected added up to a huge clue. The last letter or number of each file made a sentence. Here it is." Forson said handing us all a piece of paper that read:

Meet at Central Park, NY  2:00 pm February 29.

      It was a leap year this year so this could be very true. Only time could tell. Twenty-five days. Ugh


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