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Brooklyn's POV:
Me and the lads were filming a new vlog for the roadies. It was a 'Try Not To Laugh Challenge.' I wouldn't say I'm the best at these but I try my hardest not to laugh. "This is going to be so fun." Mikey said. "It definitely is." I said laughing. "What are we actually going to do?" Jack asked as we all sat on the sofa/ floor. "So we're all going to sit on the sofa and watch a 'Try Not To Laugh Challenge' on YouTube and see where it takes us from there." Rye explained. "Can I invite Y/N over?" I asked as I was staring into space. "Earth to Brooklyn." Andy said which made me snap out of my thoughts. "Yeah you can." They all said. I smiled and took my phone out to text her.


Hey babe. Can you come around to the flat?
Yeah. What time?
In a bit please. We're all filming a video and I want you to be there when we do.
Oh ok. I'll come right over now then.
Yay. Thank you. I love you so much.
I love you so much too.
See you in a bit then.
Yep. See ya.

I locked my phone and place it back in my pocket. "Y/N's coming around in a bit." I said letting them know. "Good. She can help us with this video then." Rye said. We all had a good laugh. Mikey clicked on our instagram story and began to video a little video to tell the roadies.

Hey roadies. New vlog out today at 6. Yeah. Have a good day and see you later. Byeeeee.

Mikey said into the camera. There was a knock at the door so I went to answer it.

Your POV:
Brooklyn just text me to come over and help them with their new vlog that they were filming today. I made my way over and knocked at the door. Brooklyn opened the door and pulled me in for a hug after letting me in. We pulled away and made our way into the living room. All the camera's were set up and ready to start the filming.

- Skip to after the video was uploaded -

All the roadies were going wild. I was sitting on Brooklyn's lap as he put me on there. I watched Brooklyn scroll through instagram. They got tagged in one post from a roadie. It was a video of me giggling in the background at one part of their video. "Babe. Shall we tell them as there is a load of them asking who that is." Brook asked as he looked up at me. "Sure. We might as well." I said smiling. "Let's tell the others first." He said taking my hand to find them.

We found them in Rye's room. "Guys?" Brook asked as we got into the room. "All the roadies are asking who that giggle was from in our video. I think it's time if me and Y/N tell them. We thought we'd tell you first before doing it." Brooklyn explained. "Go ahead." Jack said. Brooklyn took me out of the room and back into the living room. He clicked on their instagram and started to make a story.

Hey roadies. I thought I let you know that the giggle in the background of our video was my girlfriend. I love Y/N so much and I hope you accept us being together. I love you guys.

Brooklyn said into the camera. He had me in it too so they could see who is was. I'm so in love wih him.

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