III.No good guys

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The aftermath

?¿In my bones I can feel it in my bones¿?


Thought where whirling in my head, Veronica shot a gun into the air, Dilton Dooley was

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Thought where whirling in my head, Veronica shot a gun into the air, Dilton Dooley was. stabbed,my boyfriend probably got his ass kicked, and my brother was kicked multiple times, his girlfriend and him are probably having a make out session, and Reggie won't answer his damn phone.

I was currently in a booth at pops, I felt my phone buzz from my pocket, I swiftly pulled it out.

"Hey,babe.Why didn't you answer any of my texts, calls?"I asked in a worrisome tone.

"Oh yeah, sorry, about that, turns out Dilton had to stay long at the hospital, couldn't bring our phones, pretty bad stab wound." He spoke, not sounding so truthful. From the background I heard what I thought to be Rose, one of my snitches say, "just tell her your busy, just make it sound believable." "Wait-is that R-" I began to say the name of one of my snitches.

"Nooo." He lied straight through his teeth.
"Liar, I just heard her!" I started to slowly raise my voice.

"Look, Ness-"
"No! You lost that name,It's Vanessa. Tell Rose that I said she could go fuck herself, and you can go burn in hell Reggie Mantle!" I screamed into the phone, hanging up as I wiped my tears.
I could believe it, I mean, I could. I should've been expecting this all along.

I angrily slammed my hand hand down on the table. And dialed Cheryl's number.


"I can't believe it! I put everything into that dumbass perv!" I complained, dipping my hand into the popcorn bowl.

Cheryl comforted me. She dialed Josies number and soon a slumber party took place in my bedroom.

We all ended up talking about random things, Josie and Cheryl trying to avoid the topic of boys. As of my anger right now, I despise boys. I will get over it soon.

My mind shifted topics, I began thinking about the lanky serpent. And the night I first saw him.


"Archie hurry up!" I whisper-yelled as the redhead boy continued spray painting a red oval on the side of a run down building. I heard laughs around the corner.

"Hey!" A Southside serpent yelled, picking up his speed as he walked towards us. My anxiety kicked in, I trembled in fear. My heart raced and vision slowed down, yet everything was going by so fast.

"Back off were not here for you." Archie finally spoke up, before being shoved back by the lead serpent.

I punched him straight in the face,it was a natural instincts. He seemed taken aback. Seeing as though I was small petite girl.
"Huh.you just made a big mistake." He spoke, flipping out a pocket knife,chuckling.

"Who made a mistake!?" I yelled pulling out a gun and sticking it in their faces."WHO MADE A MISTAKE!?!?" I screamed.

Once they all ran off I slide against the brick wall, teardrops gliding down my face.


The two girls continued talking about random things. I pulled out my phone and saw a screen recording, took two hours ago. I smiled.

"Guys!"  I spoke up. "I have a screen recording of me and Reggie's convo!" Their faces lit up.

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