Ch. IV

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"Assistant? ...Assistant (l/n)?" A soft, slightly raspy, yet audibly pleasing voice whispered. You felt a hand brush the hair out of your face and shake your shoulder lightly.

"Hmm? Yes...?" You squinted, eyes adjusting to the light of the room. For a moment, you found yourself completely at loss, unable to identify the familiar infrastructure of your room.

Oh, yeah. You had stayed at the office.

"It's exactly 7 am. I completed all of the tasks I presumed required of you, which includes light cleanups and ventilating the workshop. Most humans have the tendency to eat as soon as they wake up, although I couldn't find any food around to prepare a meal for you. I hope that's not bothersome. I am led to believe that Kamski usually arrives around 8 am. I decided to wake you one hour earlier to provide you with the required time to have breakfast and prepare for the day."

Taken aback by the Android's early morning speech, you shook your head, processing the machine's words all over again before nodding. This was certainly unusual-someone doing all the work for you. But the change was welcome.

"Thank you."

A faint smile played on its lips, led blinking blue. "No need for that, assistant (l/n)."

You stood up from the couch, running a hand through your messy hair to somewhat readjust it. You inspected your dress, noticing the oh-so-obvious folds. Damn, you're going to have to iron those out later.

"You ever been to town?" You asked while adjusting your clothes to make their messy appearance less obvious. There was no specific reason for your question-just small talk. Pr so you told yourself.

"I have no way of knowing." The machine answered. "But from what I can presume, the probability is very low. Why?"

You thought through what you had just said. It was impulsive to even think about bringing the Android to a crowded place, and your reason was...about as bad as it got. Showing the town of Detroit to a machine. Why? You didn't know. Your gut just told you it was the right thing to do.

"No, I..." You brought your hand up to your forehead, pinching your brow. Why not take the Android with you for a walk? You lived ten minutes away from the workshop, and there was a bakery on the way to it, where you could buy breakfast. Elijah didn't have to know. And the RK800 could experience the town for itself, even if it was just for a little while. "Actually, I don't see why not. I don't think Kamski is going to have anything against it if we're careful enough."

The Android looked at you carefully, tilting its head: "The probability of something going wrong is roughly 35%. Are you sure?"

"Yeah. We just need something for you to change into and something to cover your LED and we're good to go." You gave an encouraging smile and began looking through Kamski's study, in search of a hat. You found one which seemed to fit the Android well enough.

You returned to the RK800 and tiptoed to be able to reach its head properly, placing the hat on its head. It messed up his hair in the slightest, causing one tuft of hair to deviate from the perfect hairstyle and hang down its forehead. It looked...good. Better than before. You decided not to adjust it.

But what to do about the clothes? You looked through Kamski's study, opening up every single dresser, looking inside every nook and cranny. You managed to dig up a spare jacket and a spare pair of pants. "And put these on. You can't walk around town with ripped pants and missing a sleeve of your jacket."

It reached for the buttons of its shirt, beginning to unbutton it before sliding it off its shoulders. You got a chance to observe your and Kamski's handiwork on the machine's abdomen and chiseled chest. While it was you that had contributed to its creation, seeing that body in action and not laying on the table was...something else. Certainly not an unwelcome sight, but at the same time- "RK800, what are you doing?!"

"I'm changing, assistant (l/n). As you explained already-"

"No, no, I mean...agh, Christ, alright. Resume whatever you were doing, I'll be in the main room."

You disappeared without another word, leaving the Android with a yellow blinking led and a confused expression behind in Kamski's study.

It stepped outside a few minutes later, attire changed completely.

"Ready to go, RK800?"

"Yes." It nodded and made its way towards the door.

You inspected the clothes with a quick glance: the pants were a bit too short, revealing its ankles, and the jacket was a bit tight over its shoulders, but it seemed alright other than that.

"Are you excited for your first trip to town?" You asked while unlocking the door, waiting for it to follow you outside.

"I don't feel emotions, including excitement, however I am interested in adding more information about human lifestyle on my memory drive."

You huffed, raising an eyebrow. "Alright then, if that's what you want to call it."

You locked the door behind you and stepped outside, flashing an encouraging smile in the RK800's direction.

"Where are we going?"

"Well, first off, I think we should stop by a bakery. I'm starving."

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

The RK800 pushed the door open for you, causing a bell above the door to emit a soft ring!, then followed you inside the bakery. The pastries were obviously scarce, but that wasn't a surprise. A rather chubby, middle-aged man appeared at the counter, practically storming out of the backroom. You searched through your memory for his name and managed to recall it rather quickly.

"Good morning, Jacob." You greeted. "Busy morning?"

The man nodded. "Sure is. What can I get you?"

"Whatever's freshest."

"Our country is at war, (y/n). 'Yesterday morning' is as fresh as it gets."

You chuckled. "Then I'll take that."

"Here you go." The baker stuffed a pastry you didn't recognize inside a paper bag and handed it to you. "Have a nice da-" His eyes came to a halt on the RK800's face. "Who's the young man?"

If someone found out that you had just taken a war machine out into the city, things could get nasty. Very fast. You'd have to act now. The Android opened its mouth to answer. You quickly cut it off.

"Ah, this, this is...a friend. His name is...Connor."

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