Chapter 3~The Monster

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Percy's P.O.V

I was at the coffee shop when I heard screaming.

I ran outside to find people running around. They all seemed panicked which got me interested so, I stopped a man that ran by me and asked him what was happing. He answered me by saying  "There is some kind of monster at the Stark Tower. The Avengers are facing it right now!" Just when he finished telling me what was happening I heard a roar. The roar of a monster that I have faced twice. 

The Minotaur

. The man pulled his arm away from my grip and started running, while as I was running toward the sound. I guess the man thought I was running with him because he turned around and yelled at me to come back. I wasn't listening because I was to busy taking out riptide. Then I saw Pete Peter run out of Stark Tower and just freeze in front the minotaur. Me being the hero I am jumped on the minotaur and got ready to stab him on the head. Just when my blade touched the minotaur it exploded into gold dust. By now everyone was looking at me.

Peter's P.O.V

I was pretty sure I was dead.

 I saw the bull-man-thing running after me and Percy running to the bull guy with a sword. My life literally flashed before my eyes. I am officially dead. I am not even married yet! I didn't even start a family!! I DIDN'T EVEN FINISH SCHOOL!! I was to busy whining that I didn't see Percy stab bull guy here with a sword. The only reason noticed what was happening was because it started raining gold dust...the exact same dust Percy wiped off when he came running in Tony's office. It took me a couple of minutes to register that the gold dust was the remains of Mr. Bull guy. All of a sudden 5 S.H.E.I.L.D jets started circling Stark Tower. I looked around to see where Percy was. I saw him talking to Thor. THE  THOR.


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