breakup interview -tom holland

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Your POV
   It's been a couple of weeks since Tom and I broke up. We were just so busy and things weren't working like they used to. It was a mutual decision, and in all honesty, I missed him more than anything.

    I was looking through Facebook and came across something. It was a video of Tom's most recent interview and the caption read 'Tom Holland Talks Up About Breakup With (Y/N)'. I clicked on it, ready to see what he could've said.

    "So, you know, I gotta ask.. How have things been with the lovely (Y/N)?" The interviewer asked.

    He was quiet for a moment, his face became sad. "We, uh.. We actually broke up."

   "Aw, I'm sorry. Can I ask why?"

   "We're both just so busy. She recently got a new job, I'm working on my next movie. As much as we tried, we just couldn't find a way to make things work anymore. There's no hard feelings, we're still friends." He gave the interviewer a weak smile. The interview asked another question and the video ended.

   It hurt me to see him so sad. I could tell he tried to hide it, but it didn't really work. Although I was already sad enough over the breakup, hearing him publicly talk about it made me more upset. I sat and thought for a moment. An idea popped into my head and I started to think about how crazy I really was.


    I walked down the hall of Tom's apartment complex in Californa and my head began spinning. Was I really about to do this? I reached his door and breathed deeply. I knocked on his door, the anticipation rising.

    The door swung upon, revealing Tom in a sweatshirt and shorts. He froze, trying to hide his smile. "(Y/N ), what are you doing here?"

    "I-I saw your interview and I realized how much I missed you.." I said sadly and tried my best to put a smile on my face. He stepped aside and let me come in. We sat on his couch and talked about everything.

    "I'm gonna make things work, I promise. I'll try to be there for you and the second I'm done filming, I'll fly back to you and we'll spend every moment together." Tom said, getting a little closer to me. "I wanna be with you for the rest of my life."

     And sure enough, he kept his promise.




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