Chapter 1: Loosing Lives

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                                                                         Alejandra P.O.V

  While sleeping, I heard a loud banging. I woke up scared. I started to open the door slowly, but I closed the door really fast because I saw soldiers. I was panicking, I didn't know to do. I  needed to do something, so I grabbed my brother's sword and a black hood. I wanted to save myself, but I wanted to save family. I open the door and I start to crawl, so I won't get caught. I saw my brother trying to escape, I wanted to help him, but (BAM) he got shot. I can't believe that I saw him die in front of me. My parents,and my siblings are dead. I can't do anything else, so I break a window and escaped.

Alejandra: Ouch!

I notice that I cut myself, but that didn't stop me. I ran as far as I can, until I couldn't go any farther. I found a spot that I could sleep and also I found a gas mask, so I put it on and I fell asleep.

                                                                      {The Next Day}

I woke up, noticing that I wasn't home. Oh..... right, this isn't a dream, it was real. I start to walk around, trying to find food, until I felt that someone was behind me. I turned around and....

Alejandra: Who are you !?

????: I'm not telling you- soldier!!

Alejandra: What me - a soldier!?

????: Yes- b/c you are wearing a gas mask-

Alejandra: So, what- I got this so I can survive

????: (blushes of embarrassment) Oh....sorry

Alejandra: Well, don't just stand there, tell me your name

????: My name is D-David and I'm 18 years old

Alejandra: Well, it's nice to meet you and I'm Alejandra and I'm 16 years old

David: (winks) It's nice to meet you, too

Alejandra: ughhh

??????: D-David WATCH OUT!!!!

Alejandra: Huh

A bow almost killed me

Alejandra: What the HECK!!

He grabbed my neck and he started chocking me a little.

David: Stop that- she's my friend!!

He let's go off my neck

Alejandra: What the fxxx!?

??????: Shut- up, girl!!

Alejandra: Don't you dare make me SHUT UP- Bxxxx!!

??????: What did you say!!

David: S-stop it, you two

??????: (sighs) Fine

David: So, why don't you in introduce yourselves?

??????: Ok

Alejandra: My name is  Alejandra

?????: My name is C-Christian

Alejandra: Oh-well I can't say hello because I can't see your face

Christian: Oh-jeez....fine

He starts to take of his mask and half of is hood. WOW- he looked very cute. His hair was a light brown and his eyes were green like emeralds. 

Alejandra: (blushes) um...

Christian: What are you looking at?

Alejandra: (Blushes) Your axx!

Christian: (blushes) What?!

He turned red like a tomatoe

Alejandra: I'm just kidding

Christian: (blushes) whatever

David: Okay....calm down lovebirds

I look at David and I kick him in his private part

David: Fxxx you!!!

Alejandra: No- thank you

David: Ughh

                                                                    { David P.O.V }

I felt that Alejandra and Christian were kinda flirting. think I'm jealous? Well-duh....I'm might be kinda jealous because Alejandra is really my type, but she is really cute. I just want to try to make Alejandra close to me and try not to make Christian and Alejandra a couple because Christian has a secret and-

Alejandra: Earth to David

David: Huh....What happened?

Christian: Yup- he wasn't in earth, he was in space

David: Shut up!!

Alejandra: (whispers) You two are so annoying

Christian: Whatever

                                                              { Christian P.O.V }

Omg..... Alejandra might be my new crush, but I need to try to get closer to her without letting her know my secret. I hear a loud boom.

Christian: Holy- Sxxx

Alejandra: What's the matter?

David: We need to go- NOW!!

I grab Alejandra's hand and we start to run. These bombs were very familiar. Oh-no these bombs were gas- bombs. These bombs may kill us. We found a spot, that we might save ourselves.

Christian: Dude, here is your gas mask

David: (puts on) Thanks

I was about to put on my gas mask, until-

Alejandra: C-Christian- my mask I dropped it

She started tearing a little

Christian: Oh, dear- here use mine

Alejandra: No, I can't, let me

Christian: Shh..

I give the mask to Alejandra and I help her put it on. I grab her and I started to hug her really tight. While, I was trying to protect myself.

                                                                { Alejandra P.O.V }

Christian is really sweet and kind to me

Alejandra: C-Christian

Christian: hmm

Alejandra: T-Thank you

I hug him tighter

Christian: ( blushes & whispers) Your welcome

 I feel like Christian might be the perfect guy for me. I might have a crush on Christian. 

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