Tattoed Heart

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Tattoed Heart


It was Jade’s first day at school and, of course, she was a nervous wreck, her legs shaking already as she entered her mom’s car.

-Everything will be alright pet, there’s no need to be nervous.- Norma soothed her, momentarily turning her head to look at her daughter and smile reassuringly at her before starting the car.

Jade nodded slowly. Her family had moved, so she’d had to change schools, something that she was dreading from the moment they’d told her. The only thing that really bugged her and made her feel uneasy was knowing she was gonna be the new kid, and having to introduce herself to a class full of students didn’t really excite her. Talking was never really easy for her, socializing was never something she could do, not without stuttering and making a fool of herself. Just as her mind was wandering, her mom waved a hand in front of her face, snapping her out of her thoughts.

-Jade, we’re here, have fun on your first day!- her mother told her, handing her her backpack and kissing her cheek.

The brunette made her way out of the car, gingerly walking to the school, her eyes lowered to the ground as she found herself in the hall. She’d been there before to get to know the school grounds, so she’d tried memorizing every little place so she wouldn’t be lost on the first day. She made her way to the locker that had been assigned to her, putting some books in and neatly piling them.

-Are you Jade?- a voice beside her asked, startling her.

The petite girl clumsily turned around, a few books she still had in hand almost falling as the stranger’s voice had caught her by surprise. There stood a tall girl, dark, brown curls hanging loose over her shoulders and friendly, hazel eyes staring at her, a smile on her lips.

 Jade nodded her head, confusion covering her features as she waited for the girl to speak again.

-Cool, I’m Jesy. I’m here to show you around and stuff.- Jesy said, a big smile on her face as she extended her hand for Jade to shake.  The brunette shook it, a small smile making its way to her own lips as she relaxed. This girls seemed friendly and, somehow, Jade’s usual awkwardness slowly disappeared as they started talking. Jesy was one of those people that looked tough but  was a teddy bear on the inside, sweet and friendly and Jade couldn’t be more happy that she was the one assigned to welcome her.

 There were a few minutes left before class, so they’d decided to talk for a bit to get to know each other and go around school later, even though Jade already knew were everything was. Jesy was talking now and Jade had been listening intently to what she was saying, that is until something caught her eye when the front door opened. Several people made their way in, but one in particular caught her attention. It was a girl, a beautiful girl, she noticed; blonde hair that reached just a bit under her shoulders, a flower crown on her head, pink, heart-shaped lips that were curved up in a smile and the most amazing eyes she’d ever seen. Blue like the ocean, eyes that seemed to sparkle like the stars on a cloudless night. The girl walked in her direction, another blonde talking to her as she moved her hands around as if to prove a point. Jade found herself frozen on the spot, her eyes never leaving the girl as the blonde got closer and closer to were she and Jesy were standing. Just as they were a few inches away, those blue eyes locked with hers for a few miraculous seconds where the brunette felt her knees go weak. Jade didn’t know if it was her imagination or if it was real when the blonde smiled at her, passing her by and stopping a few lockers away to wait for her friend as she took some things out of her locker.

-Jade?- Jesy asked, an amused smile on her face as she watched the petite girl’s dreamy face.

The brunette blinked rapidly a few times, snapping out of her daydream as she focused her attention on the girl.


-Are you alright?, something caught your attention?- she asked, a small smirk plastered on her face.

Jade shook her head, nervously playing with her fingers as her eyes lowered to her feet.

-Ok, well, as I was saying…-Jesy started again, but her voice was lowered to a barely there sound as Jade fixed her gaze on the mystery girl once again. This time, though, she found piercing blue eyes staring at her, as if waiting for their eyes to meet again. The blonde smiled at her and Jade couldn’t even try to fight the blush that had swiftly made its way to her cheeks. The brunette looked down, shyly, biting her bottom lip to try to stifle the giggle that was threatening to escape her lips as she smiled. She looked back up again, hoping to meet those eyes again and she did, only for a few seconds before the blonde’s friend took her by the wrist to drag her to their class, making the mystery girl to turn around and start walking. Jade felt her shoulders slumping as the little fluttering in her body disappeared, her hopes deflating and her lips turning down, her eyes following the girl’s movements as she walked away. A few seconds later,  the blonde turned her head around, her eyes searching around and immediately setting on the brunette’s as she flashed her a last smile before disappearing around the corner, making Jade’sheart pump faster as she started feeling giddy, a spacey smile covering her lips as her eyes unfocused, looking at nothing in particular.

 Jesy had seen everything and had even stopped talking as she watched the two girls, not that Jade had noticed at all. The tall girl laughed at her new friend, snapping her fingers in front of her face, her laughter only increasing when Jade jumped in fright, raising a hand to her chest.

-You almost gave me a heart attack!- the brunette said, looking at the girl in front of her with a little pout.

-I’m sorry, but you spaced out for the last five minutes and I wanted to make sure you were still alive.- Jesy joked.

Jade frowned, slightly slapping Jesy’s arm as they started making their way to class.

-Couldn’t you notice from my breathing or something?- Jade joked back.

She didn’t know why it was so easy for her to talk to this girl, but something inside her felt different that day, like everything would be alright. This school seemed different and the day had started so well, Jade couldn’t help but feel excited for what was to come.

Jesy shrugged, looking straight ahead as she smiled.

-I guess. Come on, we don’t want you to be late on your first day now, do we?-


A/N Ok guys, this is the intro to a story I've had in mind for a few days now. We'll see how it goes from here. Enjoy

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