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As predicted, Michelle was absolutely livid when Zayn finally worked up the courage to call her. I could hear her screaming through the phone from across the room, so I hastily threw on the shirt Zayn had been wearing nd went into the kitchen. I found that I was hungry again so I fixed myself a bowl of strawberries while Zayn yelled back at her. 

"We can only hide it for so long, Michelle," Zayn snapped. "Eventually people are going to notice that she's got a belly!"

Michelle screeched something inaudible, though I definitely heard several choice curse words. 

"You know what? I've got an idea for how to tell people." He winked at me, then went outside to finish the conversation. Instantly intrigued I pressed my ear to the door, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. Whatever it was, it must have gone over well because he came back smiling. "That wasn't so bad."

"How are your eardrums?" i asked playfully.

"They'll recover in a day or two," he laughed, stealing one of my strawberries. 

"Hey! Those are mine! Stealing food from the pregnant woman? Real nice, Zayn." I stuck my tongue out and ruffled his hair. 

"Doesn't bother me when you screw with my hair when I haven't done anything to it," he replied, smirking. 

"Just you wait. I will avenge that stolen fruit!" I promised. "Want to watch a movie?"

"Sure! Pick something out. I'm going to throw on a shirt," he responded. 

"Why?" I whined.

"Tell you what, you take off yours I'll keep off mine." I groaned and shooed him off. "And don't pick a silly chick- flick!"

"Fine!" I wound up popping in the first movie in the drawer and I snuggled into the couch, yanking a blanket over my feet. 

"Finding Nemo?" He smiled, sitting near my feet. He scooped them up and stuck them on his lap. "I knew I loved you for a reason."

"It's a classic," I said seriously. We settled in and watched the delightful children's film. When it was over I was hungry again so Zayn proposed going out to dinner. 

"What about the paps?" I asked, getting up to dress in something more appropriate. 

"What about them? They're not going to stop me from living my life! I should go do my hair though..." He went into the bathroom and I opened up the drawers that I had unpacked into. "Zayn, where are we going? I'm not sure what to wear."

"Wear a dress," he called back. "I get to show you off to the world tonight!"

I shook my head, but pulled out a babydoll dress that would disguise my bump. I changed into some pretty pink underwear just in case we relived this afternoon's activities tonight. I even threw on some silver high heels, the first time I'd worn heels in nearly two weeks. 

"You look ravishing," Zayn complimented, as he emerged from the bathroom wearing dark jeans and blazer. "Let's go."

As Zayn drove us to some steakhouse he liked I snapped a picture and pulled out my phone to send a Tweet.

PreciousGemma123: Date night with the boy toy :) Doesn't he clean up well? 

When we arrived at the restaurant the hostess stared for a moment before escorting us to a table in the back. "The paps have arrived," I commented, looking out the front window. They couldn't see us since we were tucked in the corner of the restaurant but I could definitely see them. We had only been here ten minutes and there were already a dozen photographers. "How do they find us?"

Zayn shrugged. "It is one of the world's great mysteries." He ordered for both of us and attempted to find my foot under the table.

"I don't think you want to play footsie when I'm wearing these heels," I laughed. "So what's the plan for tomorrow?"

"We have an interview in the morning which requires your presence. And then we're getting onto the busses from there," he replied.

"Why is presence needed at the interview?" I asked suspiciously. 

"Don't worry, sweetheart. We're not going to talk about the babies just yet. I've got a plan for that! But they want to interview our girls as well. Eleanor and Danielle will be there too. We're actually all a little surprised that Michelle agreed to it.  We've never done an interview with them before. It should be interesting."

"Great, now I have to look cute tomorrow too," I grumbled, sipping on my lemonade. 

"You look cute every day," Zayn replied automatically. 

"That's why I keep you around," I said, affectionately pinching his cheek. 

We spent the rest of dinner discussing the interview since I had never had formal media training like Zayn. "If they ask about our future together, you've just got to say something like 'well we're really happy now, so we'll see where it goes'."

"So I won't tell them how I secretly hate you and just use you shamelessly for your body," I teased. 

"Right. That's our little secret," he agreed, smiling. He insisted on paying for dinner even though I tried to split it. "Shall we go say hello the paps?"

"Let's do it," I agreed. I laced my fingers in his and together we strolled from the restaurant.

"Zayn what do you think of the rumors that Niall is in love with your girlfriend?"

"Gemma, what are your plans for when the tour ends?"

"Zayn do you worry she's just after you for your fame?"

"Zemma, what is your response to the rumor that you two have broken up?" One of them called loudly.

"Up to you how to answer that one," I chuckled.

Zayn spun me around and planted a nice long kiss on my lips. "What do you think?"

I giggled and followed him into the car. The paparazzi immediately swarmed, but he honked loudly, scaring them into moving out of the way. "That was nice. Are you going to get yelled at for kissing me in public?"

"Nope! Michelle gave us her blessing which means she'll be happy we're in the tabloids. As long as we don't do anything dumb, the paps are our friends in her mind."

"And to think, two months ago she would have killed you for taking me to dinner."

Sorry readers, I know this wasn't my finest. Next one is the interview! Any ideas on questions they should ask the girls?  

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