this is insane

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Annabeth's POV:

This is insane. Everyone running everywhere, throwing things overboard at poor Leo who's trying to tame a large number of objects everywhere. Deciding to go help him, I plug my nose and squeak as I jump off the tall boat. Hitting the water with a slap, I swim over to Leo, gathering floating objects as I go. My teammates balance on the edges of the boat, completing a relay, passing containers and bins down. I retrieve them and hand them to Leo, who is building another addition to the raft to contain everything. Smart.

When Jeff yells that we have 10 seconds left, I curse and work faster, my teammates now forced to get off the ship and onto our raft. The guy I recognize as Nico carries a bunch of stuff from the water and hoists it on. I help him up, taking in his black shirt with a skull and black swim shorts, his black hair matching.

"Start paddling," Leo yells.

Grabbing a paddle each of us stroke the water furiously, the twins pushing the raft from behind. The island seems so far away, but it nears at a fast pace. The closer we get, the more I see the sheer mass of it all. Camera crews on boats beside us, capturing all the action, tell us to go straight. Our camp will be evenly paced between Brawns and Beauty. Wonderful. I get a glimpse of the Beauty tribe trying to catch up, item falling off every few seconds, only for one people in the water to catch. My eyes scan over to the Brawns tribe and I see them setting an extremely fast pace. I glance at the two guys pushing the raft at amazing speed. One is Jason and I almost laugh at how red his face is from the work, and the other I recognize as Percy Jackson. Without meaning to, I watch his strained muscles flexing, and his messy black hair falling into his sea-green eyes. Those eyes...are on me. Quickly, I look away with a slight pink tint on my cheeks. Shaking my head, I quickly look around one last time as we all disappear into our own coves.

Arriving on shore, we all heave everything we've collected and started building, talking as we go. We all know how fast the sun can set and we know that it's easier to get it all done now and then talk in the comfort of our camp. I assess the boys, instructing them, as they build the best-supported structure. Mother Nature isn't always kind, that is why we need to work together and get it all done now and ensure everything we build is safe and well supported.

"Move it at a 45-degree angle," I shout at Leo and Travis.

They obey, and I look over the shelter again. The roof has slanted both ways, like a triangle. Thus, helping with rain and against hard wind storms. Stepping in, I help Connor and Hazel to construct a base. The setting up takes another hour. Finally, we all step back looking at our camp proudly. Our structure is to the side, under a section of trees, a hammock Leo made beside it. A campfire is now crackly in the middle of the camp, and our cooking and washing dishes station is beside it, evenly placed. I throw my bag into the shelter's side, right at the entrance. That way, if I have to sneak off at night to look for immunity or talk to someone, I don't have to crawl over everyone. We all plop ourselves down on the logs surrounding the fire and sigh.

"So, I think it's about time we get to know each other's names," Connor suggests and we all nod tiredly. He clears his throat, "I'll go first. I'm Connor Stoll. I'm taking a victory lap at Goode High School to earn all of the courses I wanted to take but didn't have enough electives. That is my twin brother, as I'm assuming you've guessed, Travis. He's doing the same thing as me."

Deciding to speak next, I say, "Name's Annabeth, I go to the University for Architecture and Database Analysis and I am an intern at Mathematics, Health, and Sciences."

Travis whistles, causing us to laugh. Nico smiles lightly and goes next. "My name is Nico, and I am a graduating student."

"Leo over here, Bad Boy Supreme," Leo calls, fiddling with the fire.

The girl I recognize as Hazel waves a little, "And I'm Hazel, I'm a graduating student too."

"Tomorrow's our first challenge, right?" Leo asks, sitting next to me.

I nod, "We need to win, and prove to them that we aren't just smart, we're strong."

Hazel grins, "Wisdom always has a way."

The sun starts falling down, starting to paint the sky in various colors. "It's beautiful," Travis admits, as we all watch the horizon.

Connor smirks, "You what else is beautiful? A lovely prank."

We all look at their cheeky expressions. An alarm goes off in my head. Loose cannons equal not good. "What do you mean Stoll," Nico asks, his face expressionless. I take a moment to analyze him. He's hard to read, which can be dangerous in this competition, but at the same time, it might pose a threat and get him voted off.

Travis grins and leans his elbows on his knees. "It's no question that we have a good chance at winning these challenges for immunity." We all nod. As a tribe, we have to complete an obstacle course/challenge. The first two to win, get immunity, meaning we don't have to go to tribal- council. And sometimes we win something too. Whether that's matches, food, charcoal, etc. The tribe who loses is sent that night to tribal-council where one person will be voted off. I remember watching how everyone would be making alliances and planning a blindside or backstab right and left. We all know though, that nothing will ever go exactly to plan at tribal. It's just how it is.

"And your point is?" I ask impatiently.

Connor shrugs, "If we can win or get second in every challenge, we can sneak into the other's camps and..."

"Sabotage them," Travis finishes simply.

Leo lets out a loud laugh, "I like you two."

Eventually, we all crawl into the shelter and go asleep. Tomorrow is going to be exhausting, I think nervously.

Piper's POV:

I did not plan on being in the Beauty tribe, I would've preferred the brains or even the brawns, with that cute blonde boy. Now I'm stuck with Drew who've I've sadly grown up with my whole life. Why does she have to be here? She'll be my first target to vote off. First, however, I need an ally. Or better, an alliance with a group.

During the set-up of the camp, I go to Calypso who I met on the hectic boat ride here. She's talking with Max, who I know is a professional photographer.

"You and I are good, right?" I ask her.

She nods, and whispers, "I was thinking, you, me and Max."

I look at Max and nod. Being a photographer, I can tell he can see the big picture of everything, he's probably a good people-reader. Max lowers his voice, "I'm concerned if we lose the challenge."

Calypso nods. "Who do you think should be taken out if we do?"

Max considers this, and I look around, fiddling with my choppy brown hair. "As much as I think we would all like to take out Drew, Barry is a huge threat. He's big and strong and when the individual immunity comes down the road, he'll dominate," Max says.

I shake my head, "Yes, but we need him for the challenges. I say vote him out after the merge into two groups."

Calypso smirks, "What about Debbie? She looks like another potential alliance."

I look at Debbie. She has striking red hair and forest green eyes, she seems to have been a huge help in the big scramble on the boat. "She's a possibility. I want to get to know her first though."

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