the scramble

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Percy's POV:

"When your world becomes a fantasy and your more than you can ever be. 'Cause your dreaming with your eyes wide open!" Tyson sings, in our hotel room when I step out of the shower, water dripping from my messy black hair and into my sea-green eyes.

He stops and looks at me, who is failing miserably to keep from laughing. "Bravo good lad, bravo," I smirk.

Tyson grins and bows, just as Paul and Mom come in. "You two ready?" Then Mom looks at me, and her eyes widen. "Percy! The boat is leaving in five minutes, and you just came out of the shower?!"

I shrug but quicken my pace. Throwing on a cyan shirt and black swim shorts, I grab my bag. "Come on, come on," Paul hurries me, ruffling my hair.

We all storm down the hallway, causing a hurricane of footsteps on the poor wooden stairs in the hotel. Looking at the boat, I see it starting to move. Swiftly, I kiss Mom on the cheek and hug Paul. Patting Tyson on the head, I sprint after the moving boat. Just as it passes the end of the dock, I take a leap of faith. Literally. Landing with a loud thud on the back of the boat, I huff out a long breath. Watching my family's fading figures as the boat picks up speed, I re-adjust my bag on my shoulder. Spinning on my heel, I take in a mass number of people, including camera crews and the competitors themselves.

"Dude, that was awesome," A scrawny kid, with a tool belt, remarks, coming up to me.

My face breaks into a natural smile. I plan on playing it down. I am smarter than people think. Manipulation is where the game is at. You create a relationship with someone, either for the long run or a short sprint. But in the end, you know you have to verse them. Kinda like the Hunger Games, besides the killing and all. Just because I'm in Brawns, doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing. "Thanks, didn't want to miss the ride," I joke, running a hand through my hair.

The guy's wavy brown hair falls over his eyes and he blows it off. "Leo. Leo Valdez. Aka, Super-Size Mcshizzle, Bad Boy Supreme."

I laugh, "Nice to meet you. Percy. Percy Jackson." We shake hands.

Leo smirks, "Soooo you're the athlete. That's gonna be fun to compete with. Yet again, knowledge always wins."

Rolling my eyes, we walk to the front. Everyone crowds around the deck, watching an island in the distance come closer and closer.

"Get ready," Leo murmurs behind me, making me jump ten feet.

"Why," I inquire, tightening my bag on my shoulders, and pulling my green bandana over my head and onto my neck.

"We're either going to have to swim, paddle on a small boat or go through an obstacle course to get to the island," He replies with ease. Swinging his backpack on, he adjusts his tool belt and makes his way to the front.

Then, a girl with memorizing stormy grey eyes makes her way past me, to a ladder on the side of the boat. I watch her blonde princess curls bounce as she walks. Shaking my head, I snap myself out of it. I need to focus. She seems to know what she's doing. Subtly, I follow her. That's when I hear a gong sound and she scrambles up the ladder, me following closely behind. It's not long before everyone else gets up here. Food and supplies are scattered everywhere. As we collect, Jeff Probst the host of the show, commentates.

"You are watching all the competitors getting whatever they can, they are given two minutes to salvage," He states. "There are fish traps, rope, food, chicken, rafts but there is not enough to go around!"

Three rafts are cut from the sides of the boat, and my mind wanders back to what Leo says, as I collect fish traps and rope. We'll have to paddle. A chicken hurdles past me, going overboard and I see Jason dive after it in the water.

"Jason dives off the boat towards the chicken" Jeff yells. "Unity will get you further in this game." He shouts, signaling for us to work together.

Running with stuff in my hands I make it over to my tribe and start dropping the items and food to the girl, Reyna, below. She organizes them all on the raft. "This is crazy," I mutter.

"Dam right it is," Leo smirks, running past me.

Giving my head a slight shake, I dive into the cold Caribbean waters, in hopes to get some items that have fallen off the raft.

"Percy goes to help Reyna, trying to control the chaos their teammates have caused by dropping everything." I hear him say my name. "The Brains team are working together, carrying large containers down the side of the ship. They are not to be overlooked. Beauty is struggling to grasp all of the items that are floating away on them in the water, but it's clear that tribe has some strong members and are not to be overlooked either!"

A loud chime sounds from the middle of the ship. "20 seconds left! Everyone needs to get all their items overboard, and onto their rafts," Jeff shouts. "Brain tribe get in the water! You now have 10 seconds." I grunt, trying to tame the chicken in my hands while treading water. "Brawn tribe get over! Beauty, you are running out of time, get overboard!"

My team members all get on the raft, paddling with the long sticks. Jason and I stay in the water, pushing the raft forward and catching anything that falls off. I hand the chicken over to Coach Hedge who looks at it hungrily. Jeff continues to comment. "They must learn to adapt. Strangers working together, for one to win a million dollars."

I push the raft with all my might, Jason red in the face beside me. When I cast a sideways look for a second, I notice the blonde with princess curls looking at me, before looking away quickly. Hmmm.

Soon I am able to touch the bottom, and my toes curl in the sand joyously. Making it onto shore was a huge relief. But now we have to build the camp. A shelter. The bright side of being in Brawns is that we're all strong.

We all stand in a circle in an attempt to get to know one another, before continuing. They look at me first. I wave sheepishly, "I'm Percy, I'm studying Marine Biology at the moment and I'm an Olympic Athlete."

"Dam!" A girl who I recognize as Lee Wu exclaims, her black hair falling into her chocolate brown eyes. Lee then raises her hand, saying, "I'm Lee, and I'm a fitness coach."

A chorus of "hi's" ring around the group; before Reyna, a girl with long black hair and dark eyes speaks up, "Name's Reyna, and I'm a military commander, so if I order you around camp that's why." We all laugh, though mine is strained. Someone who likes to be in control is not a good sign, though Reyna seems nice enough.

Jason speaks, introducing himself and then Coach Hedge who was my gym teacher in the past goes after him. The last person to introduce themselves is Alyson Gold, who has bleach blonde hair and lazy blue eyes. "I'm Alyson, and I think you can tell by my muscles, I'm a bodybuilder." "oooo's" sound around and I raise an eyebrow. Cocky much.

Reyna clasps her hands together, "I was thinking of building the shelter over there," She points to a nook in between the trees. We all agree and set to work. I'll be happy when night falls, sleep is calling me already.

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