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her fingers tentatively hovered over that comment. "Have you heard about the celebrity secret hotline?" she tapped vigorously on the side of her phone as she releases a shaky sigh and collapses her head into the crook of her arm.

sucking in air tightly, her mind goes into many places. What's a celebrity secret hotline? Is it safe to use? What is it about? Paranoia rised like bile in her throat as she decided to research about it.

she takes a deep breath as she pushes herself up, feet lightly dropping against the wooden floors of the dorm. Her feet tip toed lightly to Seulgi and Wendy's shared room where her feet danced across the floors as she gently opens the doorknob as silently as possible. Tiptoeing as lightly as possible, she lightly grabs the laptop on Seulgi's desk as she lightly sprints back into the living room.

She exhales as she tucks a strand of hair that escaped her messy bun behind her ear. Smoothening her oversized shirt that ended mid-thigh, she hops lightly onto the velvety sofa. Placing the laptop on her thighs, she stretches her legs over the glass coffee table in front of her.

Lifting the screen of the laptop open, she comes face to face with the screensaver, a photo of two hands intertwined together, one small , short and chubby while the other was long and slender. Her eyebrows furrowed at the sight in front of her. That looked a lot like seulgi's hand, the other was definitely a boy's. In the corner, a little handwritten note titled "to you" was displayed with a yellow daisy.

Shrugging it off, she pulled out the browser, where she quickly types in "celebrity secret hotline" where only one result popped up. A link. Specifically, one that redirected her to the kpop idol forum, created by the big 3. similar to the kpop leader forum, but the difference was that this was for idols, leader s, dancers, vocalists, rappers, they all came here.

The big 3. Reached out to every single entertainment company in Korea, big, small, or completely unknown. You could've imagined the small company being approached by the big 3 themselves. and pitched the idea. Instant hit. Every idol is given a secret code. The code was a little different from you regular one of course, so only idols we're limited to the forum. So far, after 13 years, nobody besides idols have got in.

Staring at the link with curiosity for a second, she clicked quickly and reached an article. Celebrity Secret Hotline.

"Dear idols, we, SM, YG and JYP ENTERTAINMENT, have decided to launch something, an app. From this link, you'll be instantly redirected to our home page, but not before the app is installed instantly. This app, is a celebrity secret hotline. You'll be able to talk to another fellow idol, but everything must and will be anonymous. This is to protect the identity. But of course, you can reveal your identity, it's your decision ultimately. We have already contacted all the entertainment companies in Korea. Below is a list of companies that have prohibited the app to be used from their idols. If there are any complaints referring to your company not allowing usage, please contact your company and not us. If any companies decide to change their minds, we are free to change the list at any time. Thank you. - SM, YG and JYP ENTERTAINMENT."

her finger scrolled down, where she checked the list of companies that refused to be in any part of this. And was surprised to see that no companies refused to be involved in this project. Huh, she thought. Big Three makes magic. She thinks as she rubbed her eyes, and was faced with two link options, a qr code and link.

Joohyun rarely ever opened the open kpop forum as she got all her info from the leader forum anyways, and she rarely opened the leader forum anyways.

Grabbing her phone from the small coffee table, she scans the code as her phone vibrates, indicating a successful download.

Gripping her phone tightly, she stares intently at the new app. It was a purple shade with blue writing.

Celebrity Secret Hotline.

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