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Avery's POV

Oh God. My plan was to lie low and just enjoy my college life not to get tangled up and targetted by the guy who can control anything in this college.

If somebody told me right now that Kyle Finlay could control life and death, I would actually believe it.

God, I can't believe he did that to the dean.

Oh My God! The Dean! My schedule?

I hurry back to the dean's office just to get bumped into a person. The things in my bag scatter all over the floor.

Just as I'm about to reach my things, a hand picks them up and starts gathering them in my bag.

I look up to see the guy I've been dreading to see the most. Hazel eyes covered by long and curly lashes. His head was covered with dark brown hair. Oh my God. It's him. Kyle Finlay.

"I'm sorry" We both say it at the same time. My mouth drops open.Did he just say sorry? By the way they were talking about him, I'm pretty sure he hasn't said sorry to anyone in his whole life.

"I'm really sorry for the way I treated you. I was having some really bad luck that day. I just wanted to apologise for taking out my anger on you." Kyle said. He's looking pretty amazing with that shy look on that perfect face with those hazel eyes and-

Snap out of it! He's kyle Finlay and he won't just apologise to someone if he didn't want something in return.

Something isn't right over here.

I look up at him for about a minute or two as if trying to get a read on what was cooking in his mind. "When are you gonna drop the act?" I say after some time.

He looks shocked for a moment but recovers "What act?" He replys

"Oh please! I'm not stupid. You acting nice all of a sudden is strange even for a newbie like me." I say that to him, pick up my bag and walk to the dean's door. "Next time, atleast make it believable" I say and close the door.


I just got my schedule from the dean's office and guess what?

I have another bad news today. The dorm room which was mine and my room mate's isn't exactly ours anymore.

They had accidently given us the room which was reserved for some seniors coming back to college this year.

So I'm officially Homeless or in this case I'm dorm less.

I go back to my dorm room to pick up my things. what am I going to do? The saved money is finished with the whole transfering cities and paying the half college tuition. I don't have any money left.

Just as I enter the dorm room, I notice a figure standing on the other side of the room. It turns around and it's that girl I met at the restaurant. Addison.

Her dark brown hair is curled up and she's wearing jeans with a polka dot shirt and a cap on her head.

"Um Hi. What are you doing here?"I say

"Oh looks like we're roommates. I mean we were roommates."Addison replies

I nod and go to pick up my things on my desk.

"Hey. Do you mind if I ask you, where are you planning to stay?" She question

"Actually I haven't decided yet. I'm out of money and I'm new in this city so I have no idea where to stay" I reply

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