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When we returned back to the flat, Harry was just pulling the taco shells from the oven. Liam and Niall were locked in an intense video game and Louis and Zayn appeared to be wrestling. Eleanor and I laughed at their childishness and claimed seats at the table. As usual, Niall ate an insane amount of food, and the boys teased each other and us the whole time.

 “You just finished the guacamole!” Niall complained.

I bit smugly into my taco and he growled and reached for it. “Paws off!” I said, swatting his hand away. “We can go out for ice cream when I finish.”

“How can you possibly still be hungry?” Liam exclaimed. “That’s your fifth taco, Gemma. You’re giving Niall a run for his money!”

“I’m eating for three!” I replied, laughing. “And I’ve always got room for a little ice cream!”

“Me too!” Louis agreed. “Especially because I only got one taco thanks to you and Nialler.”

“Perfect! You can drive!” Niall said, rising from his seat.

“I’ve got to get going. I have a photo shoot this afternoon,” Eleanor announced. She gave Louis a quick but passionate kiss and waved to the rest of us. “I’ll text you later, Gemma.”

“Ice cream!” Louis crowed when she left. “Time to go!” Niall and I followed him into his car and he pulled smoothly out of the complex before punching the accelerator. “I love driving!”

“I really need to get my license,” Niall grumbled as Louis whipped around a corner. “Louis drives like a maniac.”

“I am in complete control at all times!” Louis protested, slamming on the brakes at a red light.

“Oh yeah, you’ve got a career as a NASCAR driver in your future,” I said sarcastically.

“NO JIMMY PROTESTED!” He roared. “I like my job as it is!”

“He’s a weird one,” Niall said simply.

“Couldn’t agree more,” was my response.

“Oooooo my jam!” Louis yelled, turning up the volume. Who Let the Dogs Out was now blasting throughout the vehicle. “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHO? WHO? WHO?”

I couldn’t help but laugh and the three of us sang at the top of our lungs. “You’re going to get in trouble when we hit the road again tomorrow and you’re voice is hoarse,” I laughed as the song came to an end.

“We’ll be fine!” Niall said dismissively. “We’re here!” The car had barely stopped when he jumped out and ran into the little ice cream parlor.

“Oh! You’re Niall Horan!” The girl working behind the counter exclaimed. “And you’re Gemma and Louis! Oh my god!” She squeaked as Louis and I approached. “What would you like?”

We all placed our order, and Niall and Louis signed a picture for them to put up with the other photos of famous customers. Louis snuck a lick from my cone as we settled into a booth.

“NO JIMMY PROTESTED!” I yelled at him, switching hands so it was farther away from him.

“Hey! That’s my line!” He replied, sticking his tongue out at me. “And my ice cream tastes better anyway. Cookies and Cream is the way to go. Always.”

“Chocolate for sure!” I replied.

“Niall what the hell is that?” We both yelled as Niall sat down with what appeared to be one scoop of each of the twenty flavors.

“I couldn’t decide so I went with one of everything!” He said, happily digging in.

“You do realize that you’re eating more than the pregnant woman?” Louis teased. “That’s just a testament to your stomach I suppose.”

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