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Louis' POV

I woke up feeling sore, my face all puffy and feeling tight from all yesterdays tears.

“Morning boo.”

I looked at Liam, his face only inches away from mine. His hand cupped my cheek as he leaned in to kiss me.

“Morning snuggle puss.” I replied, smiling at him.

He chuckled. “You're crazy, Lou. Not complaining though.”

“You better don't. What time is it?”

“No idea. I only woke up just before you did. You look beautiful when you sleep, you know that?”

“I'm pretty sure I look totally horrible right now, but thanks anyway.” I replied and kissed his nose before turning to grab my phone.

We ended up staying in, since it was already 5pm when we dragged our asses out of bed. There was no trace of Niall and Harry, except for a note on the kitchen counter, notifying us that they wanted to give us some alone time and we should give them a call if we were ready for them to reappear.

Liam's POV

I smiled at Niall's handwriting. I was sure he was being consumed with guilt about the way he had treated Louis yesterday, we should probably call them tomorrow at the latest, but tonight had to be all about the two of us.

I took out some yoghurt, throwing the strawberry one to Louis as it was his favourite.

“Why are you eating yoghurt now when we just decided to call for Chinese in a few?”

“Because it's just wrong to have dinner-food for breakfast. I always need to eat something uncooked before I can eat warm things. Don't know why, and yes, I know it's weird, but I just need it to be like that.” I explained.

Louis chuckled before pulling the lid of his pot. “Well, we're crazy and weird then, sounds like a good combo.” he said, shovelling the yoghurt into his mouth.

I searched for the leaflet from the Chinese, letting Louis decide what he wanted since I already knew. Half an hour later Louis came back into the living room with two plastic bags and the change. I got us some cutlery and we slouched down on the couch, cuddling up to each other as we ate.

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