Frost Queen

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Hello there! *waves*. This is the norwegian frost lady, Amrose, speaking ;)

First off, thank you for reading my book this far. I really, really love you for it. <3 <3 <3

I havent written anything at all since I was quite young, so its quite a challenge to try and put the smuttiness in my mind to paper (or computer screen).  And even harder to find my "voice" again, since it havent been used in such a long time, I find it to be quite rusty. I have been reediting a bit on some of the earlier chapters inbetween writing new ones because of this. :S

I am in the midst of writing/tiny editing/changing up? the next chapter. Its going to be a slightly smutty chapter as its written at the moment, but I feel the need to reread what I have written just to make sure that I am not pushing things too fast. I would love your input on this, because you can become "blind" when writing your own story. I hate it when a distressed lady does a 360 and jumpes her "captors" bones in the blink of an eye. Because lets face it, Iris is scared of her captor, even though he managed to turn her on like a christmas tree that first day in the coffee shop (before she knew he was a killer..) Mr Assassin has even managed to elicit unwanted responses from her body a few times after that fatefull day (which she finds really hard to come to terms with).. So I cant guarantee that I wont delay the smut a little bit longer...  :,(

I am also torn between writing PG13 chapters in this book and the mature chapters in another book alongside this one, or changing the status of this book back to mature again. It came to my attention  somewhere around chapter six or seven (I think? I am just guessing here..) that wattpad hides the mature books. I ended up having to unmature my book (It hasnt really gotten to mature yet, so I felt that it was ok...)

I am pretty new to wattpad, so I was not really aware of wattpad hiding the really juicy stuff, and ended up finding lots of juicy books to read myself by discorvering this <3 <3 <3

The next chapter is also a bit long, so I might split it into two parts.

So anyhow.... The next chapter is just around the corner, I just need to figure things out first.

Please leave comments if you have any thoughts about this, or anything in the story at all. I would love some feedback, like if the story is weird some places, too slow or fast with something, if a line or sentance hit just the right spot etc.

And please leave a vote if you enjoyed a chapter, I would love to get feedback through votes too. It gives me an inkling if some chapters where better recieved than others.

<3 Amrose <3

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