Chapter 2

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Eren's POV:
Morning... The worst way to woken up is by the sun trying to blind you through your eyelids. I moved my head to where the sun wasn't hitting and I found a person known as Levi next to me. I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me with those beautiful Silver stormy eyes with a hint of blue. It was truly divine. "Snap a picture it'll last longer" He said with a smirk. I blushed madly at this. "Good morning bright eyes" He said. "Mornin'" I said still slightly red. We were still in bed. When we heard a bang on the door. Then it swung open to reveal a brunette with a messy ponytail along with glasses. She looked crazy. Levi just sighed. "What do you want shitty glasses? " Levi said with annoyance. "I came to see Eren! I heard he's your soulmate! Am I right?! " She said grabbing my hand which led to Levi slapping her hand away from me. I giggled at Levi's jealousy. "That is correct Uh-... Shitty glasses-" She cut me off and said "it's not shitty glasses that's what the midget calls me. You can call me Hanji,  Hanji Zöe" She said as she jumped up and down. She then started to laugh creepily. "I ship this so much!" She said. I blushed madly at this bit Levi looked stoic. "Hanji get out I need to get ready for work.oh and bring Eren some clothes" Levi said as he got up. I just layed in bed not wanting to get up. Hanji went to go get my clothes. As I lazily watched at Levi got changed. But blushing when he took off his shirt he looked hot... He smirked and got dressef. My clothes came before Levi was done so I decided to tease him. I took off my clothes and swayed my hips a little as I 'accidentally' dropped my pants as I went to go pick it up. Showing my fabulous ass but when it came to my shirt of didn't want to take it off seeing as I had many scars from me cutting and my bum ass dad. Who abused me everytime I went home. He came up behind me a kissed my neck. Making me loose focus of what I was trying to hide. He looked at my wrists and arms. "Eren why did you do this?" He asked looking at me seriously. "Well because I'm worthless...Just a person who tries to have fun when my mom is dead. My dad blames me  and hits me and sometimes I think
h-hes r-right..." I said looking down in shame. Tears filling my eyes. He hugged me and said. "You're not worthless and your mom dying that wasn't your fault she was dying because she was sick. And because your dad couldn't fix it he blamed you. But never should you think that his right. He's just a bitch." Levi said as I cried into his neck seeing as he was taller than me. (Yup taller Levi but still same height Eren) He kissed me and I kissed back. I knew he cared for me. I take off my shirt and let him see my scars more. "Your Dad did this right? I'll fucking kill him! He deserves to be 6 ft under!" Levi said in anger and honestly I can't blame him. He wanted to be there for me but my Bitch of a father didn't want that. I just hugged Levi to calm him down. As he did I put on my shirt and he got ready for his day. He went to work as I went to the library to find a blonde coconut.

Levi's POV:
I went to work after I cared for Eren. Eren will always come before my work any day. When I got there my assistant Hanji was there holding someone back from entering. And the bitch was Petra. "Oh Levi! My love!" She said and I looked at her in disgust."Petra I don't love you and I never will!  Now be gone or else I will make you! Oh and by the way I found my true love a long time ago and now he's back so I will never ever love you!" I said uninterested in her dirty looks she gave me. "Also I know you've been fucking Oluo not like I care but just saying I think you're a huge slut" I said truthfully as she scoffed and ran away. I smirked at the thought of her crying. Then I got to work looking at the people who I needed to kill seeing as I was a mafia gang leader. I sent people to go kill them because they were easy to kill. Then night came and I soon saw my beautiful bright eyes in bed hugging a pillow. "Hi Levi! Have a good day at work?" He asked God he's so cute.... "Yes just a bitch while came by she wanted for me to love her but I said I already found somebody and its you" I said seductively when I said 'you' he blushed
"Cute ass" I said as I looked at his ass it was perfect. He blushed even darker. I guess I love teasing him now. "Are you hungry?" He nodded and I went to the kitchen. Eren walked up to the kitchen table being led by the smell. I chuckled. I served him and me then sat down to eat. "Wow this is delicious!" He said after taking a first bite. I thanked him and we sat on the couch in the living room. We watched movies until he fell asleep. 'He is so cute when he sleep but even cuter when awake' I thought. I placed him the bed and I got in as well falling asleep soundly which was very hard for me to do until Eren came. He really was a miracle worker for me. We slept soundly here and then I can hear whimper coming from Eren. I grabbed him and brought him close and then he stopped. I knew then we were for surely soulmates. I gave him a peck on the head before returning back to sleep.

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