Chapter 22

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MayMay's POV:

After the talk with Edward I quickly ran away, I couldn't take it anymore, it hurts that he keeps talking about other girls and the fact that he loves another girl is not helping, and also the fact that I'm Dale is does not make it any better. I know Edward just thinks of me as a friend, he doesn't love Heaven nga, but he loves another girl naman. I think I have to ignore my feelings for Edward alang alang for the girl that he loves. I went back to my house with my cheeks wet because of my tears. When I finally got home I opened the door and saw that Marco and Kisses were there and they saw me and quickly ran over to me.

"Ate May why are you crying? Where's Edward?" Marco asked and I just looked at him

"You knew!!, you knew and you didn't tell me?!?!" I exclaimed and he just looked at me and I looked at Kisses 

"You, you also knew, I thought we agreed, no secrets!!" I exclaimed 

"Ate May what are you talking about?" Kisses asked 

"You knew that I was Dale and you didn't bother to tell me!! You knew that I had a childhood best friend! You knew that Edward was my childhood best friend yet you didn't bother to tell me! Why?!" I yelled and they both bowed their heads

"We're sorry Ate May, we just didn't want to stress you out, we know how upset you were when Edward left you when you were little." Marco said and I just shook my head while tears were streaming down my face.

"Leave" I said and I turned around and started to walk but a hand stopped me and  turned around and it was Marco

"Please forgive us Ate May, we love you so much" Marco said and I yanked my hand from Marco's grip.

"Please just leave me alone!!" I yelled and I ran up to my room and slammed the door and I had my back facing the door and I slid down with my face in my hands, this is too much for me. 


The next morning I woke up on the floor, so I guess I fell asleep here while crying yesterday. I got up and went to my bathroom and I saw in the mirror that my eyes were so swollen. I think I won't go to school muna today, I don't really feel like going to school. I fixed myself up and got dressed in comfortable clothes. After dressing up I went back to my room and laid down on my bed. Then I heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked

"It's Mama" 

"Come in!" I exclaimed and the door opened and Mama came in 

"Morning Anak" She said with a smile and sat on the edge of my bed.

"Morning Ma" I said 

"Why are your eyes swollen? Does it have to do with the shouting I heard last night? What happened ba anak?" She asked and I felt tears form in my eyes.

"Ma did you know I was in an accident before and that I lost my memories?" I asked her and she just looked down at her hands and nodded her head.

"Did you know I had a childhood best friend?" I asked her

"Your grandparents told me you had, but I never met him/her" She said 

"Well I forgot him but I met him again." I said 

"Who is he anak?" She asked 

"Si Edward Ma" I said and tears fell from my eyes

"Isn't that fine? I mean you guys are dating right?" She asked and I shook my head

"No Ma, that was just fake, I sorry I lied to you but it was for Edward, we just really had to make it believable, I just wanted to help Edward Ma, I'm so sorry Ma." I told her an she just looked at me

"Mahal mo ba si Edward?" She asked and I just looked at her

"Po?" I asked 

"Do you love Edward?" She asked again and I just looked down

"Opo Ma, but it hurts so much because he loves someone else." I said and the tears poured out and she went near me and caressed my cheek.

"Anak if you love him, then fight for him." She said 

"When the time is right Ma." I said and she smiled at me and nodded her head 

"Whenever you're ready anak." She said and she kissed my forehead and stood up.

"Just don't give up too easily." She said and walked out the door and then she walked back in

"I forgot to tell you, I'm going to work in a while and I'll be back later, will you be alright on your own?" She asked and I nodded my head and gave her a slight smile.

"Yes Ma, I'll be fine." I said and she nodded and walked out the door again and I was left alone and I laid down and stared at the ceiling, I think I stared at it too long cuz I didn't even realise that I fell asleep.

Marco's POV:

School was over, me and Kisses were on our way out the school doors then we saw Edward and he ran towards us.

"Marco, Kisses is MayMay okay?" He asked 

"Look, we don't know, last night she came home crying and she got mad at us because she knows that we know about her past and her being Dale and she told us to leave her alone, and now we want to make it up to her." I told him 

"Can I go with you guys?" He asked and me and Kisses looked at each other

"I don't think that's a god idea." Kisses said and I agreed with her and he frowned and nodded his head.

"It's fine I understand, I'll see you guys around." He said and walked away 

Me and Kisses went to the mall to buy Ate May flowers, her favourite chocolates, a teddy bear and her favourite movies as well. After we bought all the stuff we began our walk to Ate May's house, but when we got there and rang the doorbell no one answered the door and me and Kisses looked at each other and we opened the door and went in. We looked around and called out Ate May's name, no answer so we went to her room hoping she was there and she was there, sleeping on her bed so we walked over to her and Kisses looked at me.

"You wake her up" She said and I nodded my head and gently shook Ate May

"Ate May wake up" I said and shook her again and she finally woke up.

"What are you guys doing here?" She asked and I looked at Kisses and we put the stuff we bought aside and looked at her.

"Ate May, we wanna make it up to you, we're so sorry Ate May, please forgive us, Edward told us that he will be the one to tell you, we're so sorry Ate May, you know naman that we love you so much." Kisses said and I agreed with her.

"Ate May, we're so so sorry, please forgive s na, we love you so much Ate May." I said and she stood up and looked at us and walked over to us and sighed 

"Ano ba kayo? Okay lang run, don't worry I forgive you both, I just really needed time to take in everything." She said and she hugged us and I smiled and wrapped my arms around the both of them, a few seconds later we pulled away and I kissed Ate May's forehead 

"Sorry talaga Ate May" I said and she just nodded her head

"Okay lang yun" She said

"Oo nga pala Ate May, we bought you flowers, your favourite chocolates, a teddy bear and your favourite movies." Kisses said and she just looked at us

"You didn't ned to buy all that." She said and I shook my head

"Just take it Ate May, peace offering." I said and she just sighed 

"Fine, let's watch na nga." She said 


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