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Short, short chappie here peeps ( ‾ʖ̫‾)

Can't wait to write the "hang out". Expect anything. I'm evillll AF ;v;

Song for Nyx & Vera's little altercation: Please Call Me Baby by Tom Waits

* * *

There are two ways to being rich. One by having all you want, the other is by being satisfied with what you have.

* * *

"He ... he asked me to h-hang out."

Sage was dubious himself as the words flowed past his lips. They sounded strange and foreign — almost surreal. Exactly how he felt in the instance Xander first suggested it to him. Barely able to hold in his undying excitement, he patiently awaited for his friends' approval; nervously.

Randall was blankly staring at him, wordless, while Nyx didn't really know what Sage was talking about. It became awkward quick.

"You're not really going out with him ... are you?" disbelief coated Randall's tone and words, for a few beats, he evaded eye contact before firmly settling it back of his friend, who then began nervously shifting his weight. Looking away, Sage bit his lip, nodding slowly.

"'Nyx quietly sat there, watching it unfold.'"

Nyx was ignored.

Randall shook his head. "That makes no sense whatsoever, Sage! Why the fuck would that crack head want to 'hang out' with you after all he's done! He hurt you!" Randall's words weren't harsh, and neither was his tone abrasive, but Sage found himself losing his resolve. Was Randall right? He was. Sage did find it strange. People changed, right? Maybe this was an atonement somehow?

"Just because he saved you a few nights back doesn't mean you owe him anything, Sage. Knowing him, he probably just want to..." the junior cut himself off, biting his tongue. The prickly feeling of tears stung at Sage's nose, and a blush of confirmation swept across his cheeks, to show how embarrassed and stupid he was feeling.

When he had told them about the man's attack and Xander saving him the night before, they were all in distraught, and on impulse, Nyx began blaming himself. He seemed to always be hard himself and what he's done, whether he was the one at fault or not. However, when he heard Sage say that he used on of the techniques he taught him, Nyx felt slightly better, and offered more classes. Randall and Vera were just incredibly happy that the man wasn't granted the chance to do anything to their friend.

Randall didn't give Xander credit for anything. To him, Xander was the bad guy. He always was — the senior 'crack-head' who punched Sage in the face and almost killed him. The siblings, on the other hand, thought differently. They were relieved that there had been someone there to help Sage, whether or not it had been the boy that hit him or not. They believed in atonement.

Nyx nudged Randall. "What's up with the cold attitude? 'Nyx queried'"

Aggravated, Randall sat back on his seat, running a hands down his face, pulling in a deep breath. "I'm just worried about him, Nyxy. That pot-head is up to no good, I can feel it. I hate him so fucking much.

Sage found himself staring down at his MK watch, lightly tapping his fingers on the buttons to ease his embarrassment. He'd previously felt so excited about going out with Xander, but then, the only thing he acknowledged was the giddiness dwindling away into trepidation, reluctance, and just a general turmoil. At the sound of his name, his eyes lifted, to meet Randall's amethyst pools.

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