Chapter 17

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"Get up, we have to go." Brewers shook my shoulder as I woke.

"What? Why?" I quickly stood, ready to fight. "Are we dying?" I asked. Brewers serious face broke as he smiled, his eye crinkled and his smile was genuine. "I'm being serious, what's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, we just have to go to an appointment in," Brewer checked his watch then looked back to me giving a fake smile. "10 minutes."

"10 minutes? Why didn't you wake me earlier!" I shove last him and rush into the bathroom. Hurrying to fix myself and change as Brewer sits in a chair to the side of the room laughing. Once I finished I pulled my hair up and walked out. "Where are we even going?"

"To therapy," He commented not to excitedly before looking at me. I tried to give him a small reassuring smile but I'm sure it came out as a grimace instead.

"Well, lets go then." I opened the door and stepped out, grabbing Brewers hand and pulling him through. "I don't really want to do this." I whispered as he guided me through the hallway.

"You think I do? I don't think I know of anyone who has had to go to therapy with their mate." He grumbled, opening the garage door.

"Maybe they killed them before they had a chance to go." Brewer eyed me for that comment and I wiped the smile off my face, instantly.

A Jeep beeped from the back corner of the garage and I made my way towards it and slipped in. the ride was silent but that was loud enough. The stone road turned into dust and rock, I looked out the side window to see small pieces of gravel shooting out under the tires. Brewer's phone ringing in the cupholder made me jump for a second, but he quickly grabbed it. 

"What's up?" He said, his worry lines becoming more defined as he listened. The muffled voice spoke fast but I couldn't hear a thing. I disregarded the call until Brewer got more and more tense as he listened. "How did this happen? Just, never mind I'm busy, fix it." 

"What's happening?" I whispered, putting my hand on his arm. He looked to me, mouthed nothing, then turned his head back to the road. I turned to face the road too but soon got bored looked to my window. I barely saw the thing rushing towards us until it hit the car. I could't scream my mouth was too tightly clenched shut. My nails dug into the seat as the car flipped and scrapped the ground. My eyes exploded with light as my head hit the dashboard.

"Maven, get up. Damnit Maven," The voice sounded so familiar but mostly his smell was unbelievably homely. As my eyes opened The figures came in and out of view until my eyes adjusted to the darkness. 

"Ryan?" I groggily asked. 

"Yes, it's me. Maven get up, we dont have a lot of time. He was his dogs after us." Ryan pulled me up by my arm, as I touched my forehead. I pulled my hand away and there was blood on my fingertips. "Sorry, They hit the wrong side of the car." 

"That was you?" I asked taking a step forward.

"God no, It was a genetically mutated warrior. Funnily enough it was Brewer's invention." Ryan said grabbing a torch off the ground. 

"Where are we?" It seemed to be a cave, only lit by Ryan's torch. 

"History, You need to see the truth." He grabbed my hand and led me further down the cave until we saw markings on the wall.

"What are these?" I touched the black markings with my finger and it brushed away easily.

"You'll see. Now stop asking questions." We walked down the dirt path, his torch flickering. My shoes became dusty and my eyesight had adjusted to the darkness when Ryan stopped walking. We had entered a semi-circle, he placed his torch to the ground which lit with the fuel placed in a teepee. I looked around at the walls which were filled with cave drawings.

"What is this?"

"The truth, Brewer lied to you. About everything, He's old, but you don't know how old." I looked to the wall at what seemed to be the beginning. "Before man there was wolf. Wolf ruled and was wild they listened to nobody, except for one person. Brewer the god of all wolves, he was a ruthless king. There were two outcasts, who grew stronger and raised their own tribes. Then came man, while Brewer forbid their life and trained his pack to kill them, the others didn't. The packs grew and stood their own to Brewer. When he lashed out they took him down, locked him away for ages. When he broke out they couldn't find him, he built a new society.  He slaughtered the rest of the land. His army killed everyone, and when he became bored with ruling he let wolves create their own pack. He is going to slaughter them again, we don't know when but it will be a massacre."

I shook my head, the drawings matched with Ryan's story. The wolves and the sharp giant wolf that stood over the others, the bloody humans and the troubled broken chains. 

"He's a murderer and a liar.  And he's trying to rule again."

"Ryan, What do we do," I felt no emotion. Ryan was right, he's no good. I knew what Ryan was going to say, I knew the only option we had. 

"We put him down, like the dog he is." Ryan turned to me, his face slightly sweaty. "Maven this was a suicide mission, they are going to find us and kill me. Katara was our inside source she will tell you what to do."

"Ryan I don't understand, you want me to kill him?" I grabbed onto his arm, not wanting to let go. Not wanting him to head to his undestined fate. 

"Maven, I know you love him, but he will kill us all. He will kill you, He wasn't even meant to exist. We need to put an end to the misery." We both whipped our head around as yells echoed through the cave walls. I looked to him, starting to panic. "Please, don't let me die for nothing." Ryan grabbed my face and lightly placed his lips on mine. Although it wasn't what I felt when I kissed Brewer it was still a damn good kiss. Ryan's arm wrapped around my neck as his lips left mine. I gasped as I was pulled to his chest, the air being restricted in my throat. I kicked at the floor, for a second but realized what was happening. 

"Help me! Please! Bre-Brewer Help!" I started to scream continuing to struggle.

"I love you" Ryan whispered into my ear as his arm tightened around my throat more. I heard the thundering footsteps down the cave. I felt the tears start to run down my face as I fought them. I let out a strangled cry, partly due anguish and partly to the acting. 

When Brewer hit it felt like a punch, even though I wasn't his target. I screamed as I heard Ryan being torn apart behind me. I lay on the dirty ground, knowing I needed to be as naive and helpless as possible. It hurt, to hear every tendon snap. The snarl Brewer let out was deafening, it sent shivers down my spine. I heard the screams Ryan let out, until he was silent. Till it was just Brewer snapping at his lifeless body. I looked up and through the tear I was able to make out 7 wolves standing at the entrance watching with more wolves behind him. 

I slowly pushed my hands off the cave floor and stood on my feet. I took a rough step toward the wolves. One took a step forward me, It was bigger then I was. I knew this was Brewer's beta, he had dusty brown hair which looked soft. I reached out for him as he circled my and stood by my side, helping me exit the cave. I gripped his fur as I kept walking through the cave. The darkness soon engulfed us and I struggled to calm down. 

I didn't turn my head as Brewer growled behind us, his beta didn't either. The brown wolf trotted away and Brewer met me on my left. I felt nothing, I didn't feel nervous or happy to see him. I didn't love him,  I was finally seeing him as the monster everyone told me he was.

I laid my hand on his fur, and gripped onto it. Brewer turned his head and his the back of my leg with his nose. I got what he was saying and jumped up onto his side pulling myself up. I laid on his back, unable to  move anymore. I was emotionally exhausted and physically. Brewer trotted away into the light of the day going to where ever his heart desired.

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