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"Wakey wakey, princess, we're gonna be late for school."

Fallon woke to Sweet Pea shaking her, already dressed and with a toothbrush in his mouth. "Jesus, Pea, what time is it?"

"7:15. We gotta leave in 25."

"Oh lord." She said, jumping out of bed and taking a five minute shower, putting her hair in a sock bun and throwing on clothes, tugging on her boots with one hand as she brushed her teeth with the other.

"D'ya think Jughead will have healed up a little?" She asked as she and Sweet Pea headed down the steps to their bikes, and he shrugged. "Probably not, but hey, who does after something like that? It'll take him at least a week."

They started their bikes with a rumble and headed off to South Side High, parking in line with the other Serpents' bikes when they arrived and heading inside. The metal detectors went off as usual, but the "security guards" ignored them and let them pass.

"I don't understand why they even keep those things around anymore. It's not like they actually do anything useful." Fallon said as they walked to class, the two of them sliding into their seats beside Fangs, Jughead, and Toni.

"Somebody had fun last night." Toni said as she eyed Fallon's neck, Fangs giving Sweet Pea a glare as he shrugged.

"Oh don't worry, we would've known anyway. Pretty sure the whole trailer park heard you, Fal." Fangs said, prompting his little sister to slug him in the shoulder.

"Fuck off, Fangs."

The bell rang and class started, not that anyone paid attention. The now group of five walked from class to class together when the bells rang, Jughead fitting right in with his jacket on his back.

Fallon and Jughead were walking to meet Fangs, Toni, and Sweet Pea when an all too familiar red head burst through the doors, making a beeline for the pair.

"Jug! Jug! We gotta go, right now." He said, grabbing Jughead's shoulders and completely ignoring Fallon.

"What the hell are you doing here? Betty ask you to throw some salt in the wound?" She hissed at him, Jughead fixing Archie with a black look.

"Mayor McCoy's about to raid Southside High. We gotta get you out of here, right now, come on."

As soon as Archie said it, police came flooding in, arresting nearly every Serpent or Ghoulie in sight. They cracked open lockers, busted into classrooms, and tackled kids to the floor.

A cold panic seized Fallon as she realized she and all of her friends had their knives and knuckles on them, and wearing their jackets certainly wouldn't help.

A few yards away, she saw Sweet Pea get slammed up against a locker roughly by two cops. Thank god he hadn't seen her, or he'd be booked for assault because he'd do anything to get to her. Her eyes widened, and before she could call out his name, Archie grabbed her, a hand over her mouth.

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