Chapter 16

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"You must hurry. She isn't allowed to be out of the castle."

"What happened?"

"He lost it, it wasn't her fault. They are both bundles of unsolved issues."

"I'll kill him,"

"Stop, it isn't time for that. Nor will it ever be. Comfort her now. She needs you."

Sol's arms hugged me as I lay on the bed. I no longer was crying but my swollen eyes and red nose were key indicators I had been.

"Maven, you're okay. I'm here, nothing will happen." I buried my face in his chest. Hiding from the glow the lights gave off. But in a second the lights were shut off.

"He-he was like fa-father" I hiccuped in between my words, unable to breathe and calm my body down. "I-It was- wasn't my fault" I whispered into his chest.

"I know I know, Maven. It's all okay now. No one will hurt you. I'm here, just close your eyes and try to sleep. I will be here in the morning."

His arms never left my side till I fell asleep. But when I woke they were gone. I started to panic, I couldn't get out of the blankets and my throat was raw.

"Maven, stop." Sol appeared in the doorway and rushed to my side. He untangled the blankets and gave me a glass of water which I slowly took a sip out of.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded and stood up, my legs sore. I looked into a mirror and saw my swollen face, my eyes were puffy, and my jaw and neck bruised. Not blue and black everywhere, but you could tell something happened.

"Come to the bakery, with me Becc it will give you a break."

"What if he finds me?" I asked. My voice was hoarse and I found it difficult to speak.

"He won't, trust me"

Becc entered the room, her kinky hair was perfect per usual. She wore a green and white dress but held a dark navy blue one in her arms.

"Hey sweetheart." He gave me a hug and gave a little kiss on my forehead. I smiled and hugged her back. "I made some soup just for you, and I got you a dress."

I thanked her and she led me to the kitchen. I sat on the counter as she spoke to me, of how her and Sol got here and what they have been doing.

Becc was like another to me. She was older then Sol but not by much. She was possibly my favorite person on earth, other then Sol. After I finished my soup she led me to the bathroom and took care of me, french braiding my ratty hair and giving me a toothbrush. She handed me the dark blue dress, which had a small collar to cover some of the bruises. It was a bit big for Becc was taller then me but other then that it fit quite well.

"Let's go hunny," Becc slowly led me out of their house and on the cobblestone sidewalk. I avoided eye contact with most people but no one looked to me. No one knew who I was. When we arrived at the Bakery Becc unlocked the doors and gave me a stop to stand. When Sol arrived it had started to get busy. I felt bad sitting there and not helping so I started to moved around and take the rolled and pastries out of the oven. Eventually I found my way in Becc's and Sol's way of working and filled the job quite well. Everyone was polite and kind, no one stared at me bruises or asked me what happened which more the relieved me.

Soon it was 9:00 and the town had gotten dark and the ovens were turned off. I started to clean while Becc worked in the front helping the last couple costumers. Soon she joined me and helping me wipe down and prepare for tomorrow. The bell rang as the door opened and closed, Becc ran back to the front but quickly shouted for my help.

I wiped my hand on the towel I was drying with, and walked to the front preparing to help bag or take a special order.

As I stepped in the front I smelled him, "Maven..." his voice was soft and almost broken. I looked up to see his face, the cuts down it were rather large and he has a white eyepatch over one eye. I had done that to him. His eye was red and swollen, I could see he had been crying. I averted my eyes and looked down, Becc walked past me,

"I'll let you deal with this one hunny."

I mentally swore at her for leaving me with him but I knew it was for the best. "I'm sorry"

"You keep saying that but I'm not sure if you mean it" I snapped. I couldn't look at him, I turned my back but heard him approach the counter.

"What do I do." I wanted to tell him it was fine that we all have our problems and we all snap sometimes but I couldn't. Not this time. "Maven, please I love you."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Maven I know that you mad, but I'm not in the mood for this" I heard anger leave his words again. The memories of yesterday filled my head.

"You may be a king, but you are just like my father. You don't love anyone, except for your self" I turned around and saw his broken stature, he no longer looked proud.

"You can't say that."

"Brewer I can. If you loved me you wouldn't hurt me. I was hurt and your hurt me more!" I started shouting at this point, my finger jabbed into my sternum and my nostrils flared.

"I di-"

"How do you think I felt! Do you think I liked it! Being taken advantage of! Do you think I wanted it? That I begged for every second!? No, of course I didn't! I cried and sobbed and all I wanted was you to help me!" I felt my knees cave in and I sat on the ground. My hand covered my face and I felt his hands hold me to him. My head was to his chest his heartbeat was fast and nervous. He cried with me on the Bakery floor. He loved me, I loved him. We just needed help.

We just needed help.

Our walk back to the Castle was long, my feet hurt at the end. He still had tears in his cheek when we arrived and when I asked if he wanted to wipe them his reply was more strong then I knew he could be. "If the castle see's I was crying for my queen then they know I love her."

When we arrived to our room he sat on the bed. I removed my dress and straddled his waist. My hands playing with the bandage on his eye. I'm not happy. I'm not happy. I'm not happy. I searched his face and could tell that he wasn't happy either.

I dropped my head to his forehead and sighed. Why couldn't we be perfect. Why couldn't this work out. "We need help." My words hung in the air. I couldn't make out wether he even heard them.

"I know." He removed his forehead from mine and removed his shirt. My hand reached for his face, cupping it. My fingers played with the bandages. I finally lifted it from his skin. Slowly, then all at once I tore it away.

One glance was all I needed before I had to turn my head. Brewers hand went to my wrist and he cupped my cheek moving got face to look at him. "It's not your fault."

"Can you see?" I asked, my fingers lightly circling his eye.

"A little, the doctor said my vision should return to normal soon."

"I'm so sorry" my started to apologize but he cut me off.

"No, Maven. It is my fault I was angry."

I slouched into him and wrapped my arms around his torso. Trying to hug our way into a perfect world. "Should we see a therapist?"


He kissed my forehead and laid me down in our bed. I turned away from the other side and closed my eyes. My body clutched to the blankets, that night Brewer and me didn't touch once.

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