Chapter 13

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Bri Pov

I woke up to feel something wet on my leg . What da hell ?! I touched and saw dealings of Quavious . He was walkin out da bathroom

Me:how long did we fuck ln *kisses him*

Qua:ion kno

Me:nigga u betta kiss me


Me:*grabs his hair*gimme a kiss nigga

Qua:let me go

Me:*lets him go*Quavious I want a kiss

Qua:not rn *walks out*

Me:*gives him a look*

Ok whats his problem normally I get a kiss . Dats off . I shook it off and got up . I brushed my teeth washed my face and took a shower . I got out lotioned my body and put on (mm) . I did my hair , makeup , put on jewelry and walked downstairs . I signaled Qua to come in da kitchen wit me


Me:its botherin me usually u kiss me when u see me , and we take showers together wat happened today

Qua:we do it everyday u dont get tired of it

Me:no y would I wats yo issue ?? U not even lookin at me *moves his face to face her* u do remember about tm right

Qua:what's tm


My eyes got watery . Tm was our anniversary . Its been a year . We just aint been talkative about it to everybody. He was excited about before what happened now he forgot. A tear fell but I wiped it

Me:call me when u getcho act together

I walked out and left . I didnt have time for dat today . I just went to get my nails , toes and hair done

I went shoppin for da twins and I found some to wear tn

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I went shoppin for da twins and I found some to wear tn . I was walkin around and I saw Lia . Dats one of Qua cuzins I met when I was pregnant

Lia:wassup boo *hugs her*

Me:*hugs back*hey guh

Lia:u look good I aint seen u in a minute

Me:thnk u and ik I been a few places

Lia:u killin dis hair tho

Me:*flips her hair*ikr *laughs*

Lia:where Qua at

Me:its a long story but im gettin a room and I can tell u there

Lia:ight cmon

We went to a hotel and I told ha what happened

Lia:dats pretty fucked up considerin yall got kids together

Me:I love my kids but sometimes I wanna kill dey daddy even tho I love him

Lia:uh oh message

It was Qua



Convo ova

W.e I got dressed and went out wit Lia . I had fun gettin my mind off it . I went to da room and straight to sleep

He forgot ???!!

They anniversary tm ?!?

What Qua gonna do when he find out??

What about tm???

Are they together ???




Hope u liked it love ya 😘😘😘💕💕💕

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