chapter twenty-one ; death wish

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march. 2010

"Move it, dumbass!" Caleb exclaimed as he harshly shoved Finn down the steps. Mike and Caleb had brought him to the lab so that they could finish him. Poor Finn had been crying non-stop for the past thirty minutes.

Well, he had a damn good reason for it. Caleb had been holding a gun to his head for the entire time and he knew for a fact that he was going to die. It was completely hopeless.

The three men walked into the lab and Caleb pushed Finn a few feet forward. Finn's hands were shaking as he slowly turned around to see the other two were pointing pistols right at him. He was wimpering and panting, desperately trying to think of something that he could do to save himself.

"Please... You don't have to do this." He tried to reason with them. Caleb smirked while Mike exhaled deeply.

"I'm sorry Finn, yes we do." The oldest of the three retorted. He cocked his gun and aimed it right at the poor boy's forehead.

"Wait! I know where Millie is! She didn't leave town, she's right here. I know you want her and I can tell you exactly where she is. Please just let me call her and I'll lead you right to her!" He begged, lowering his hands a bit.

Caleb was strictly against it. He'd disliked Finn from the moment they first met. He felt like Finn just wasn't the type of person that should be in their massive operation. Mike on the other hand thought they had nothing to lose by letting Finn contact Millie.

Mike lowered his gun and instructed Caleb to do the same. "Call her and make it fast."

With shaking hands, Finn reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. He opened it and dialed Millie's number as fast as he possibly could. As the phone rang it seemed like an eternity even though it was only a few seconds. Finn's life was truly in Millie's hands.

"Finn?" She said in a groggy tone. She'd just been lying around all day, bored out of her mind.

Mike took a few steps toward the boy until their faces were only about eleven inches apart. Finn did his best to avoid eye contact with the man.

"Remember what I told you? Everything about it?" He muttered as quiet as he could. All he could do was hope that she remembered the address that he'd told her.

"Uh yeah? Did you do it?" She questioned. Finn took in a deep breath. He had to do his absolute best to stay completely calm.

"No I didn't. I can't now. It's gonna have to be you." He stated. Millie's eyes widened at his sentence. She'd told him very firmly that she wanted no part of his plan so she was instantly confused as to why he was telling her to do it.

She scoffed. "What? No. I'm not doing it."

"Listen to me, you're closer to him than we are. You'll have about a twenty minute lead. They're holding me at the lab and they're going to kill me-"

Mike instantly knocked Finn's phone out of his hand and was doing his best to quickly end the call.

"DO IT MILLIE! DO IT NOW!" He shouted as loud as he possibly could.

He grabbed his gun and Caleb raised his. They both aimed at the curly haired boy's head. Finn pursed his lips and stared directly at them. He was no longer scared because he knew that he had all the leverage. However he did worry that they would be able to catch Millie before she killed Marvin.

After hearing Finn's screams for help, she knew exactly what she had to do. She threw her phone down and ran to her bedroom as fast as she possibly could. She opened the top drawer of her chest of drawers and pulled out her small gun. She made sure it was loaded and then headed for the exit of her apartment.

"Just what the hell was that?" Mike said in a low, gruff voice. Finn tilted his head and looked into the man's eyes.

"You're gonna want to hold off on killing me." The boy retorted.

"Oh yeah?" Mike cocked his gun and pointed it between Finn's eyes. "Why?"

Finn smirked. "Because Dom is gonna need me. Byer Apartment Complex, apartment 315."

Mike's mouth went slightly agape and Caleb glanced over at the older man. They both knew exactly what was going on. Millie was going to kill Marvin so that they would need her and Finn to cook meth for them.

Caleb put his gun down and started to run for the staircase. He had to get to Marvin's apartment before Millie, although he knew that it was going to be impossible. Millie was at least twenty minutes closer and she'd left way before him.


Millie stood in front of the brown door. She was in front of apartment 315 and she was thinking of how to carry out the murder. Her hands were shaking and her heart was pounding, as she still didn't want to do it. She didn't want to kill an innocent man that had done absolutely nothing to her. But she had to do it, she had to do it for Finn.

She knocked on the door a few times and then began to wait. Seconds later she could hear footsteps approaching. The door slowly opened to reveal Marvin inside. He cocked his head and raised an eyebrow in confusion. She looked familier although he didn't recognize her.

He was getting ready to say something until Millie pulled her pistol out of her pants. With shaking hands, she raised the gun and pointed it at his face. Marvin raised his hands and took a step backward.

"Take... Take anything... Please... I-I-I-I have money." He tried to think of something to say that would save his life, however Millie was going to kill him no matter what.

Tears were streaming down the poor girl's face. She was practically crying her eyes out at that point but she kept her firearm pointed at the man's face.

"I'm sorry." She whispered silently.

And with that, she pulled the trigger.

* * * *


I'm really starting to work hard on wrapping this book up. hopefully I'll have it completed in about 1-2 months. after this book is done, i'll be releasing a mileven au. it's currently titled 'lonely together' but that could change by the time it's released.

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