Jade stopped pacing, sighing in exasperation. The wait was killing her. Tyler had been gone a long time and Jade didn't know what to expect. A hundred doubts and misconceptions filled up her mind and she just wanted to talk to Tyler already. Making up her mind, she opened the door and stepped out.

Jade looked around the corridor that stretched along both sides. Voices floated towards her form the right, so she followed them. The walls were paneled with wooden planks, old and worn out, the floor creaking under her feet. Jade looked out of the windows she passed by and saw small village houses, all broken and tattered. She turned a corner and almost collided with someone.

"Oh fu - sorry," she apologized hastily, recognizing the man from the lab, the one who had questioned her.

"You," he said before taking a step back and looking down at Jade.

Jade lowered her gaze, expecting him to ask what she was doing sneaking around the house like that.

"Look, I - I wanted to apologize," he said to Jade's surprise. "For yesterday. I didn't know who you were, and after all that has happened over the years, I find it a little difficult to trust people."

"Its okay," Jade nodded uncertainly. "Its completely understandable."

There was a brief and awkward silence.

"Nina - I mean, my daughter told me she saw you come into the lab with Master," the man said. "She said you tried to stop Master from hurting her."

"Master? Oh, you mean, Luke," Jade remembered. "Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't do more, but I couldn't blow my cover."

"You knew Master personally?" the man noticed Jade's use of his first name.

"Yeah, we were ... we were friends," Jade said before she could stop myself. "Not - not like 'friends' friends, I -"

"Friends," he shot the word like it was an insult.

"Its what Tyler wanted," Jade explained. "We knew Lukas was keeping you somewhere, but didn't know where. I pretended to be his friend so I could find out and Tyler could help you all."

"Tyler," the man said softly. "He's a good kid. Just like his father."

"You knew his father?" Jade asked.

"He was my brother," the man said. "Tyler is just like him. A fighter. Never giving up. Ready to give up anything for the ones he loves."

"Yeah," Jade agreed, smiling slightly. She wanted to say 'except for me' but decided against it. "Speaking of Ty; you know where he is?"

"He's with Ma in the living room," the man said. "I'm Clark, by the way."

"Jade," Jade introduced herself.

"I know."

Clark nodded at her before passing her. Jade took a deep breath before heading in the direction he had pointed.


"So, its true, then?" Tyler was saying when Jade stopped right outside the door to the living room. "Its only me who can do it? But - but how's that possible?"

Jade peered in at Tyler who was sitting at the table with the old woman Jade had spoken to back in the lab. So this was Tyler's grandmother. No wonder she accepted Jade's help when she mentioned his name back in Lukas's lab.

"I believe its got to do with what your father trained you to do," Grandma answered thoughtfully. "The energy was always within you. Suppressed, it must have searched for other outlets. When was the first time you noticed you were capable of this?"

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