Jade's mouth dropped open. The lab was really something, far more impressive than she had ever expected it to be. It was huge and Jade couldn't see the end. There was dozens of men and women, working anonymously dressed in white overalls and masks. Here and there, Jade could see two or three experimenters talking to each other, brandishing files and notes towards each other. Superior technology was fit up here and there, large jars lined up in empty spaces, their tops touching the high ceiling. Jade didn't know what most of the things were supposed to do, and everything seemed so scientific. On the long white tables, there were small vessels containing strange liquids, some blue, some red, some transparent. In glass cases lined up on one side, Jade could see rats, in another insects. And yet, in others, there were strange unholy creatures that Jade did not know were real or fake. Here and there were glass containers filled with strange gel-like substances, on which the symbol of 'radioactive' was printed. On the right, Jade saw a door, with a notice pinned on it saying 'do not open unless instructed.'

Suddenly Lukas put an arm around Jade, and she looked at him, trying to seem undisturbed by all she was seeing.

"Let me show you the real thing," he said, leading Jade through the different experiments that were going on in the lab.

Lukas led Jade towards the back, where there were glass shelves in the wall. On the shelves were containers of different hair-like strands floating in a transparent jelly-like emulsion.

"You know what these are?" Lukas asked and Jade shook her head. "Magnified versions of the genetic makeup of various organisms I've studied," Lukas told Jade, who looked at the jars, more closely this time.

Certainly she had seen colorful diagrams of DNA when she had been researching about biogenetics before her first meeting with Lukas, but this was unlike anything she had ever seen. The strands of translucent strings floating in the liquid, looking almost alive.

"Here, let me show you this instead," Lukas turned Jade towards a large computer screen on the right, about as large as the flat screen TV in her - Tyler's penthouse. "See this?"

He indicated towards a series of almost identical diagrams, or so they appeared at first sight. Taking a closer look, Jade saw that there were minute differences between them.

"This is the DNA of a cockroach," Lukas told Jade, indicating the first diagram, which looked like the simplest compared to the others. "Then we have mice. Then this one is a cat."

After naming a few more, Lukas stopped at three almost similar diagrams of DNA.

"See this? It's the DNA of an ape," Lukas said, his eyes on the diagram. "This is a human being. And this last one ..."

He looked at Jade who tried to keep an even expression, even though she was pretty sure she knew what this was getting at.

"Remember when I told you, having supernatural abilities would soon be possible?" Lukas asked and Jade nodded. "Well, when I said that, people asked, how? I told them that by studying the difference between the genetic buildup of normal humans, and people with super abilities, one might be able to find out what it is that makes one superior to the other. This is the genetic makeup of such a being."

Lukas glanced at Jade, his attention on the diagram. Lukas's finger traced a single line highlighted red among the crisscross of lines, and Jade noticed that it was missing in the diagram of the normal human.

"This little thing," Lukas said, his voice barely louder than a whisper, as if he was speaking not to Jade, but to the diagram itself. "Is what makes all the difference."

Jade looked closely at the two diagrams and saw that they were identical apart from the red strand.

"See here," Lukas suddenly came back to life. "You see the difference between the DNA of apes and humans?"

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