08- Demons

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🎶 I wanna hide the truth
      I wanna shelter you
     But with that beast inside
     There's no where
     we can hide 🎶

  The dinner was mostly quiet, well more like Clement asking questions and me just blinking or nodding.

   Once I was done with my spaghetti, which seemed like a shock to me cause I never realized how hungry I was. Clement and I made our way back for the car and set out as it was already some minutes past nine.

   After a while of driving, I decided to speak. I turned to face him and opened my mouth

" Thank you for the dinner, I'm sorry I couldn't pay for anything... I didn't have enough money on me since I'll need a little fare to get back home" right now I could have eaten myself. I was red from embarrassment.

     maybe that's why he felt I might have wanted to eat him?

     Now he knows how poor and miserable you are.

  He didn't say anything, he just tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

    He's finally gonna hit me.

    I watched as he clenched and unclenched his fist like a vice around the car control and I couldn't help myself.

   The pain from the concussion had taken a toll on me. I didn't need another injury as I might just pass out.

  A stray tear left my right eye before I could control it.

"please I'm sorry, don't hit me, I didn't know you were gonna take me somewhere, I promise to pay-"

" Iris what's been going on?"

  At this point my face was tear stained and it was only now he actually had a look at my face and noticed that. His eyes widened by an inch at his sight.

   He pulled up by the roadside and shut the engine. I took that as my queue and looked away from him.

" Goodnight" I managed to mumble with a voice that was now hoarse.

    His brows furrowed in confusion while I tried to open the door but it wouldn't bulge.

" Last I checked, this neighborhood was for commercial businesses only." he asked me who was almost hyperventilating because of the plans I believed he had in mind.

"I'll take a cab from here" I managed to muster courage and speak.


   I couldn't answer the obvious, he already knew his plan but he wants me to say it so it'll probably look like I asked for it.

I've seen this trick much more than once with Hunter.

  He sighed loudly and asked again.

"Iris, what's wrong?"

  He sounded unbelievably genuine but I can't fall for it.

Now I was crying harder than before. I can't take any more hits today, please I need a break.

"please let me go" I whispered

"huh?" I knew he had heard me but is acting like he didn't. I'm slowly angering him.

"please" I whispered now looking down, I've been thought never to look at your superior in the eye.

   He tried to grab my chin to look at him but I flinched and jerked away.

    He sighed again, but louder this time and captured my hand.

"look at me" his voice was suspiciously calm for someone who is about to turn me into a punching bag.

"Iris please"

please? he's begging me?

That's another thing I haven't heard in forever.
  Slowly I looked up and I met his eyes, full of concern.

" I would never hit you" he said as his eyes searched mine.

    Is he for real? he doesn't wanna hit me?

"r-really?" I asked with a wavering voice

" Yes really, I just need you to tell me what's wrong with you, why would you think I wanna hit you?"

   He wasn't gonna hit me, he even sounds like he cares about me. Should I tell him? but what if I do and Hunter finds out? He would treat him the same way he treated those who wanted to fight for me.

   And guess what happens after that.

   They all runaway from me, run far far away.

  So I shouldn't put him at that risk. I can't put anyone through that risk.

  But what if he's just pitying me and doesn't care? yeah that's it. I can detect that façade anywhere since I witness it first hand from my parents.

"nothing" I grumbled, pulled my hand away from his and returned to my original position. looking out the window.

" Did you just say nothing? you have a bandage around your head"

I didn't grace that statement with an answer.

"Iris is someone hitting you?" his voice came out strained like the word hitting had a venom within it.

"No" was all I gave as a response and still kept my gaze out.

"why are you hiding this and bottling it up? why not just talk about it, you look really hurt"

I'm okay.
      That's what I tried to say but rather I saw tears cloud my vision.

"please let me in" his voice sounded so weak and fragile, shallow and tender. but I won't fall for this fake care again, I've had enough.

Who does he think he is? we just met yesterday and he's already trying to crack me, so he can use my misery for fun. Nobody cares its that simple.

"I can't" I wanted to sound strong but my weakness overpowered and it came out shaken.

  Without another word he faced his view and began driving again. And I resumed my usual activity.


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