A few days later, Jade got a text from Lukas again.

Lukas: I've got a couple of things to discuss with Tyler tonight, so he's coming over to this hot night club to meet me. Why don't you come along and we'll chill too?

Jade: Me crashing your business meeting with Tyler? Somehow that does not interest me one bit. No thanks.

Lukas: Aww come on. It'll be fun. There'll be music, and drinks, anddancing...and us?

Jade: Can't you take me there some other day?

There was a short pause.

Lukas: Alright, well, here's the truth. I'm going to New York tomorrow morning for a couple of days. I'd really like to see you before I go. It was all kind of last minute, and I couldn't spare the time to take you out. I'd really like it if you could come tonight. Please?

Jade: *sigh* okay, fine, I'll be there. But you have to make it up to me later.

Lukas: Deal <3

Jade leaned her head back against her bed. She hadn't seen Tyler since that night they had had the row. And she had wanted to keep it that way for a few more days at least. Unfortunately, it was better for her relationship with Lukas that she went tonight. Sighing, Jade got out of bed.


They drove in silence, Jade dressed in a short black dress with a lace neckline, and Tyler wearing a nicely fitting, button up, grey shirt with black Dockers pants.

They arrived in the dimly lit dance club which was full of dancing, drinking, laughing and chatting youth. Loud music blasted from the speakers, drowning the din of talking, laughing voices. Here and there a drunken dancer was bumping into other dancers, earning curses and insults, but not caring. Neon lights flashed in the dark, temporarily lightly random faces. In the corners, couple could be seen making out. On the dance floor, one could find dancers of different genres, from hip hop to jazz, to free style, to sensual.

Side by side, yet pretending the other didn't exist, Jade and Tyler stood at the edge of the dance floor, looking around at the tables to find Lukas. They heard Lukas's voice as he appeared through the crowd right beside them.

"Hey, baby" he kissed Jade, then patted Tyler on the shoulder. "Glad you could make it. Sorry about this guys, but I've got maybe an hour or something. Let's sit down."

They found an empty booth at the very back and Lukas slipped in, guiding Jade in to sit next to him. Tyler sat opposite them. Lukas started talking to Tyler about some financial matters and Jade zoned out the conversation, her eyes wandering around the club.

She watched the people on the dance floor and felt a sudden rush of desire to do the same. She didn't know why, but a part of her just wanted to let go, to be free and just forget everything for a while. She wanted to dance like she didn't have a care in the world, like there was no one around, like nobody was watching.


Lukas's voice made Jade blink and look back towards him. Lukas was frowning at her, and Tyler was just looking at her with a calm expression.

"Sorry?" Jade asked, shaking her head to clear it. "I think I'll go get a drink."

Jade got to her feet and walked away from Lukas and Tyler towards the bar. Lukas watched her go before turning to Tyler.

"She seems a little distracted sometimes," Lukas said to Tyler, who looked surprised that he was talking about Jade like that. "I wonder why."

Tyler didn't say anything.

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