Lukas pressed his lips to Jade's, the soft sweet flavor of mint lingered there, leftover by the drinks most probably. The kiss was soft, gentle, and more than anything, hesitant. After a few seconds, Lukas pulled back and smiled radiantly.

"Thank you for understanding," he said and Jade smiled without meaning to.

Smiling, Lukas kissed Jade's hand, but her mind was blank, still at a comprehensive failure. She hadn't even considered it. Of course, dating Lukas would involve kissing and much more.

Jade didn't know what to think. What to feel. So she didn't think at all. Didn't feel a thing.


After about half an hour more of chatting, it was time to leave. People came over to greet Lukas before they left, and Lukas professionally dealt with them.

But Jade could see something new; he seemed much happier, and every now and then Lukas would glance at her, his face shining brighter. Jade however, wasn't sure how she felt about it.

They left the restaurant, Lukas's hand on Jade's back. Jade looked all around her, but couldn't see Tyler's car anywhere. She took out her phone and was about to dial his number when Lukas opened the door of his car for her.

"Maybe I can take you home?" he offered.

"No, it's all right," Jade smiled slightly. "I'd rather go by myself."

"I don't mind, really," Lukas insisted. "On the contrary, I'd like it if you let me do it."

Jade looked inside herself. For more than two years she hadn't gotten into any man's car; quite conscious of the fact that she had associated her trauma with men offering to take her home.

However, Jade wanted to ask herself if she felt the same way towards Lukas. And she found the answer. She did not want to get in his car. She did not want to feel trapped and helpless like that. She did not trust him, and thus she did not love him. Yet!

Jade couldn't help the guilt that flooded her. Yes, she understood Lukas, and yes, she thought he was a nice guy, but she had no romantic feelings for him whatsoever. It felt like cheating to pretend otherwise.

"You don't trust me," Lukas said, and it wasn't a question.

"I just don't like taking favors," Jade lied with conviction.

"It's not a favor, but okay," Lukas closed the car door, but his expression told Jade he was disappointed.

"Maybe you can drop me home some other day," Jade suggested. "When my house is far away instead of being across the block like right now."

"Sure," Lukas smiled half-heartedly.

"But for now," Jade added. "Maybe you can walk me home?"

Lukas looked surprised and Jade cocked an eyebrow. With a small laugh, Lukas indicated the road.

"Lead the way," he said, and Jade smiled.

"My pleasure."

The two of them walked towards Tyler's penthouse; the closest place to home Jade knew at present. As Lukas talked about his work and Jade replied with answers that Pixie put inside her ears, Jade's mind was free to wander. She let it.

Lukas was no different to her; she knew it. She had no feelings for him, no attraction towards him. She trusted him just as little as she trusted every other man in the world. He was nothing to her. Well, she didn't know him much in the first place. It was only their first date. How could she possibly decipher her feelings for a man she had just met. Especially given the current circumstances.

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