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Mystic Ray Cerulli

Age: 18

Description: Snow White hair with Black, Green, and blue streaks, Hair ever changing. One blue, and one green eye, almost always has contacts in. she's tall, about 5' 11". Pale skin. Chris Motionless's half sister. Different Dads. Listens to classic music Kiss, Metallica, Guns and roses, Even some Newer bands. As blood runs black, Nine ice Kills, And a little falling in reverse. 4 tattoos, and a tongue piercing, a labrae, and snake bites. Has a Big dog named Nightmare

Joker Marie Johnson/Sola

Age: 20

Description: Green and Purple waist length hair. often held in pigtails. She also had One blue and One green eye. Pale skinx, about 5' 6" loves the same music as Mystic. no tattoos no piercings. Engaged to Ghost from Motionless. Only child. Adopted by Jayy Von Monroe, real parents dead.

Hope Layla Biersack

Age: 23

Description: Black hair, Blue eyes, 5' 9", pale skin, Andy's twin sister, Has Andy's exact personality. Shark bites and a bridge. Massive crush on Chris, but acts like his best friend. Doesn't get along with her family. But dog named Creature. Everyone calls her 'Lala' because she hates her first name.

Juliet Simms: As Herself

Jessica the Model: As herself

Motionless in white: As themselves.

Black Veil Brides: As themselves.

Blood on the dance floor: As themselves.

Snow White Poison Bite: As themselves.

Jeffree Star: As himself.


I own none of these characters, But Mystic, Joker, and Lala.


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