Jade's mind froze for a second or so, taking in the luxuriously furnished, lavish penthouse. She was standing in what was clearly a fully carpeted sitting room, with a beautiful bear skin rug in the middle, a snowy white couch with red and black cushions, a 56 inch TV screen, and a few water filled red and black bean bags strewn across the rug. On the right was an open kitchen and indoor bar, and on the left was what appeared to be an indoor gym with a glass wall view of the entire city. Across the lounge, stood two closed doors.

Tyler walked up to the door on the right and swung it open.

"This is your room," he said to Jade, who walked over to see.

It was definitely a beautiful room. To the left stood a mahogany wood master bed, with fresh sheets and a whole bunch of pillows and fur cushions. With it was an overstuffed couch that seemed to be calling Jade's name.

On the right were two more closed doors and Jade could guess that one was the bathroom. But her attention was caught by the huge glass door facing her.

Dropping her bag onto the couch, she headed over to open the doors, only to step onto a balcony. It was bigger than the one she had had previously, and the view was absolutely breathtaking. The wind so far up was cold and refreshing, even though the temperature during this time of the year was supposed to be lukewarm.

"You'll stay here," Tyler instructed, bringing Jade back to reality.

She turned around to look at him.

"There's the bathroom," he waved a hand towards one of the doors. "And that's the walk-in-closet. It's fully stocked. I asked one of the best designers of LA to fill it up, so I'm certain it has everything a girl could need."

Jade raised her eyebrows skeptically.

"The kitchen is outside," he went on, unabashed. "The cabinets are stashed with groceries, coffee, wine -" he shrugged, "- you can make anything you want, whenever you want. There's also room service in case you need it. This apartment has everything, so you can survive here for at least a month in better state than you were living previously."

Jade glowered, but Tyler didn't seem to care.

"I'll be in the room next door," he said before starting to turn away.

"Wait!" Jade called and he stopped. "I thought you said this'll be my apartment. I never agreed to move into yours."

"You'll have one, as soon as you're done with your job," Tyler informed her, before turning away. At the door he stopped. "You should freshen up. I'll order some room service, and we'll talk business."

He left, closing the door behind him, and Jade found herself staring disbelievingly at the closed door. She still wasn't sure what the hell was going on, but she was seriously beginning to doubt if this was real. There was no way all of this could be happening.

Who was this guy, she wondered for the hundredth time, and what did he want with her. Surely if he was giving her so much, it had to be something big. Luckily, Jade hoped she was now about to get an answer to the second question.

A part of Jade wondered if she should take a hint and leave now while there was still a chance to back out. But there wasn't a chance at all. Besides, if it was all unreal, all a dream; there was no need to worry.


She took a bath in the luxurious bathroom, wrapped a towel around herself and entered the walk-in closet, only to have her mouth drop open. Just as large as the room Tyler had said she would have, the walk-in closet really did have everything a girl could need.

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