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Today shawn is having dinner with my family ,but not just mine family  are going to be there shawn's aswell. I know hes been mega nervous about this day- he tries to hide it but the feeling is mutual we all have it. Im soo scared and nervous.

I know me and shawn have been dating for 3 years now and i know he has met them before but we have never had a full family meal. Because obviously with shawns family in Canada ect mine in britan, usa etc etc....

"Babe babe!!! Earth to y/n" shawn called clicking his fingers infront of my face "yeh sorry i was in shawns land" i giggled at what i just said. "Well we got a hour , and im ready and soo are you soo"shawn said smirking at me

After the deed. If you know what i mean😉😏😏😏

"Omg omg shawn we have 5 minutes till me have to go to my parents house" shawn jumped out of the bed and beging to suiten up again- after we finshed we head over to there house.

I ran up to the door and rang the bell. The door opend reveling my brother "omg heeyyyyyy ive missed you" he placed a hand on his heart. "I missed you to sis" he hugged mee "sooo can we come in " he nodded and welcomed us in.

After about a hour of welcomming and chatting it was time to eat. I sat. At the end on the top and shawn and my dad sta directly across from eachother then my brother next to shawn and my mum at the end of the table.

"Umh this looks delicious mr and mrs y/l/n"shawn said i chuckled at how we are eating homemade fish and chips and he say that. "Hey daddy can you pass me the salt please " i asked my dad ,shawn extends his arm at the same time as my dads.

I coughed and shawn brought his hand back "thankyou"i replied to my dads gesture of giving me the salt. "I need the bathroom i will be back" i said but as i stood up i knocked the glass of wine all over shawn.

"Omg im soo sorry come with me i think you have left clothes here"i pull him upstairs into my room "i havent been inhere in a while" shawn says smirking "shut up you have issues you grabbed the salt like what was you thinking" he smirked and shook his head .

I chucked him a pair of jeans he left after we have both finished what we needed to do we went down and resumed dinner.

Here you go a cringy chapter i know i never do stuff like this ever but let me know if its good or bad soo i can improve but any way ly guys ~n❤💚💜💙💛💙💜💚❤

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