Author's Note: Details, Details, DETAILS!!!

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So Part One of Eridanus Flooding is Officially ended!

Woot! What does that mean?!

You'll have another chance to guess who the killer is for the chance of a shout-out and chapter dedication!

ANNND: That means now it's time for Part Two!!

What will be happening in Part Two?

Well, I'm glad you asked:

Part Two will contain. . .




~ Adventure

~Plot Twists?

~Breaking and Entering (#VC)


~Why it's called Eridanus Flooding!

~A DATE!?!

~ Lots of people gets shot! (But who?)

~A lot of criminal activity (ahem-- V.C.)

ANNNNND, (drum roll, please. . .)


(at least 3!!)

(but between who?)

~Also there will be a LOT of geeky/ sciency stuff! (I am sorry, but trust me when I say, this IS me toning down my inner geek)

Continue reading to find out what happens next!


I also have started three new books but I don't know when they will be published.

#1 The Art Thief's Guide To Freedom (Mystery/ Thriller)

#2 Loving Time (Fantasy/ Paranormal)

#3 Slay the Knight, Save the Dragon. (Adventure/ Fantasy)


~RC ❤️

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