As usual after training, Jasper and I would go to the woods and hunt on the humans and pray for them. Afterwards we would climb up a big tree all the way to the top and relax, sometimes make-out. Occasionally we would get suspicious looks from Maria and her sisters but we'd play it off, and act like sister and brothers, much to our dismay. Our new friend Peter, also would give us suspicious looks every once in a while and would sometimes say that we might be mates due to our closeness. We obviously know that but he doesn't. Maria heard Peter say it once and glared at us, making us shut up and go back to training.

This week had been very busy. We were planning to attack a territory soon -possibly next week- and we've been training hard. Maria would also pull Jasper away from me to plan the attacks, but I knew that she was planning to do something kinky to him, making me heartbroken. While sitting on the tree alone, Jasper would come up after the private meetings with Maria and take me in his arms and would tell me that he loves me, not Maria. He would also say that she did nothing to him, and pushed her away. I can tell he was telling the truth and could also feel the hatred from Maria whenever she looked at Jasper and I. You could say I felt smug, making Jasper laugh at me and kiss me on the cheek quickly with no one looking.

We just finished hunting and were relaxing on the tree. "We have to be more careful now with Maria angry and suspicious." I said, breaking the peaceful silence. Jasper made a humming noise in agreement and his arms around my waist tightened slightly when I announced the problem.

"Indeed. After I rejected her, she's become very suspicious, including our dear friend Peter." he said.

"Can't we tell Peter?" I asked, turning my head slightly so I could face Jasper. Jasper turned his gaze away from the sunset to look down at me, and gave me a small smile.

"Soon, but not now. We have a war soon." he answered, giving me a quick kiss on the lips. I turned around so I was straddling him, and kissed him passionately. Jasper returned the kiss but pulled away and looked at me worried. "What's wrong darlin? I can feel sadness and worry in ya." he said.

"What if we died in the war?" I whispered scared. Jasper gave me a kiss and cupped my face in his hands.

"We are not going to die, I won't allow it. Plus we're very good at fighting along with Peter. We are going against kids remember." he stated. Jasper referred the newborns as kids, since they act and fight like kids.

"I know but still, if you die I might as well kill myself to be with you." I said, looking down at my lap.

"You won't kill yourself if I die, you would have moved on and be with another man." Jasper said, but growled slightly at the thought of me being with another man.

"Well what if I die then? Would you move on and be with...someone?" I asked, struggling with the last word. His eyes soften and he pulled me closer to him, placing my head on his shoulder.

"I would kill myself." he whispered, making me nod.

"See? I would do that if you die so it's no use of you telling me to move on." I said stubbornly.

"You're still so stubborn." he chuckled, giving me a kiss.

"Well, how else am I supposed to have something go my way." I mumbled against his lips. He chuckled yet again but stopped to pull me in to a kiss. We continued kissing for fifteen minutes but pulled away before we could get too heated, and relaxed for a while. Half an hour later, we decided to go back to camp. When we arrived back in camp, Maria walked up to us and told us news that made the both of us go pale - if that was even possible.

"We leave for battle tomorrow."

Today was the day we go into battle. I was standing in between Jasper and Peter and I was very nervous. I could feel the both of the boys' nerves as well. "Why are you nervous? You've been into battle before." I stated to Jasper.

"Yes, but this is a vampire war. I already have scars from the newborns. What about you? You've been into vampire wars before" he said.

"Yes, but I have never been into war with you. I'm scared that you might die. Including you Peter, who is eavesdropping our conversation." I said. Peter chuckled sheepishly and gave us a sheepish smile, making me giggle and roll my eyes at him. We finally arrived at the battle, and nerves intensified. "It was nice knowing you Peter." I said to him.

"Nice meeting you too ma'am." he said, smiling at my annoyed look on my face. Peter liked to call me 'ma'am' to annoy me. When we first met, I was telling him to just call me Mel. He does but sometimes says 'ma'am' much to my dismay.

Since Jasper and I were in public, we couldn't say "I love you" to each other. Instead, we would send each other love.

We soon got the signal and war started. Jasper, Peter and I stayed together fighting, making it easier for us to defend each other. I saw Maria having trouble, making me think. Should I help her or should I not? She was my creator and boss. But what if I let her die? Will we be free? I don't think so, we would more likely turn into slaves for our enemy. I made up my decision and ran towards Maria, making Jasper yell at me to come back.

"Leave her, she needs to help Maria or else we're dammed!" I heard Peter say to Jasper. I mentally thanked Peter for his gift, since I forgot to use mine and charged at one of the newborns that were coming behind her back. I quickly killed the newborn and turned around to see Maria okay.

"Thank you." she said, sincerity in her voice.

"You're welcome, ma'am." I said to her before going back to Peter and Jasper.

"Thank god you're alive." Jasper said to me, when I joined them.

"It will take more than a newborn to take me down." I said with a cocky tone in my voice. Peter laughed at me but stopped when a newborn almost bit his face.

Soon the battle was over and Maria had killed the enemy who was controlling the newborns. We cheered obviously, and I hugged Peter first, then Jasper, him swinging me around. We made camp and immediately got lots of blood as a reward for our hard work.

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