~ Challenge ~

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When her spy failed to show himself to her or Ryuko failed to cause trouble, Satsuki assumed that he had gone undercover and hidden himself inside her school. No worries, she would smoke him out at some point; her first worry for the day was Ryuko Matoi and her 'Senketsu'.

"Hoka Inumuta," she began, "I want you to find this spy in our midst, and make sure that he is found by the end of the week" She explained, crossing her legs and sipping her tea.

"Of course Lady Satsuki" he bowed and left to go work on his new task.

"The rest of you, I want to test my Kamui Junketsu. I want to see how powerful it really is." she explained. "And I want to see who else we can elevate to Committee Chair, I want to try something, fun" she grinned

After the initial awkward greeting, things went pretty good for Viper, even better than expected even. Ryuko was actually easy to get along with despite her own image and Mako was even more so, although she was an idiot compared to most he's meet. Viper spent the day with the two and got to know them fairly well, the soft-spoken and fatherly nature that Senketsu exuded noticed as well.

It's honestly a little jarring with how talkative and human the Kamui were compared to other life fibres and Kamui like the frenzied Junketsu. Honestly, the more he heard the Kamui softly talk to its wearer the more he began to realise that the two are eerily similar in how human the two were. If the Kamui really was the last creation that Soichirio made then the two of them were just about kindred spirits.

Later on in the day, even though he tried to go home, the hybrid found himself in the Mankanshoku home eating some Crockett's that were way better than they should be. He ended up in between a whole family, trading some awkward glances with Ryuko. By the end of the night he ended up steadily making comparisons with his family to this one, and each new discovery made were disappointing.

But he couldn't figure out why. He was an assassin and hybrid made to follow his mothers orders, why should he be bothered by normal humans? This was the question he asked himself on his way back to his home to an abandoned building in the lower slum area's of the city.

The next morning, when it was time for everyone to get the usual speech from Satsuki, there was silence from on-high. It took a good long five minutes of silence before Satsuki stepped out, clicking her heel and towering over everyone.

"Students of Honnoji Academy!" she bellowed, her voice ringing out unaided by speakers or microphones.

"As of right now, the school is going to change" Looking around her at the pigs below her, she laughed to herself quietly.

"...To see who is the most powerful of all students, and to bring the best of the best; I will give a challenge to all. The first person to touch me, will have rule of the school for one week" she grinned and tapped her sword on the floor and a staircase appeared going up to her high tower.

"Anyone who can lay a finger one me, will rule Honnoji Academy for one week, above even I!" she grinned wide.

"The challenge is until the end of the week, Four days. The Student Council will not intervene, they can even challenge me themselves. Any Star! Be it One, Two, Three... or No-Star. You touch me with your body and I will trade places... If you can get past me" She turned and sat down on her seat, waiting to see what happened

The moment that Viper stepped into school the next day he knew that something was definitely up. His hunch would prove to be right with Satsuki's bold challenge to the students. He could not tell if this was a ploy to get him out of hiding or simply a way to test her newfound strength. Either way this would be a good chance to see the power of Senketsu in action, something that he did not even have to instigate to see happen as the hot blooded girl was already taking the lead in challenging the queen.

The students were less enthusiastic except for one of the committee chairmen, the one with green hair that seemed to be on the verge of challenging the student council president right there and then. Once Viper made it to an isolated area he changed into his original guise with a simple close of his eyes and a little concentration. His hands adjusted the red gloves on each hand and then, rather then get involved in the ridiculous challenge, made his way up to a nearby rooftop on the school.

He wasn't surprised in the least to see Ryuko dressed in her Kamui, already engaged in combat with Satsuki, the crowd that had been in the square mostly gone to take cover from the obvious carnage. To his surprise Mako was still there and being protected by the imposing Gamagori while the rest of the student council looked on at the fight with solemn expressions.

Knowing she would be challenged by Ryuko, Satsuki transformed and waded in with her sword. Starting off strong, she did not even bother to dodge attacks because Ryuko did not get the chance to even attack for the first part of the fight. Simply swinging her sword with little effort, Satsuki would start to dodge the attacks when the girl started to get a little more hostile and active in her attacks.

This was almost fun, beating down the girl like this, driving her attacks deep into the Kamui's outer layer, she continued to dodge and fight, jumping and bursting around. The Kamui really had a lot of power and she was surprised to find its vast power almost limitless. She could feel it taking her blood and knew that if she kept it up for too long that she'd either pass out as the Matoi had done several times before.

"You really are weak, you know that right?" She called out to her opponent as she fought off Ryuko, grinning and laughing as she dodged and blocked all attacks from the scissor blade; she would have liked to see that blade even closer, perhaps when she beat Ryuko she could take a closer look at it.

Coming in for an attack, Satsuki brought her sword out horizontal and dashed low.

However that was what Ryuko had expected and the scissor blade came in the same way.

"Shit" Satsuki mumbled and slid her body back so the blade passed above her face, this however caused her high heeled shoe to catch on a outset piece of concrete.

She tripped...

"Lady Satsuki!" Gamagori called out as he stepped forward, attempting to grab her and cease her fall but realising that it would interfere with her command, he reluctantly let her fall.

The leader of Honnoji academy bit the dirt as she slid through the dirt. Getting onto all fours, she spat out dirt from her mouth and turned to yell at Ryuko.

"You no good son of a..." her face collided with something. A Hand, A HAND!

"Hmm?" Mako turned to look down at the leader of Honnoji Academy, knelt on all fours with her face stuck into the hanging hand of Mako Mankanshoku. The girl looked dumbfounded for a full half minute until she began to let out a loud gasp.

"Mankanshoku!" Gamagori yelled as he began to stamp forward, ready to back-hand her hard.

"Stop!" Satsuki yelled and stood up slowly, dusting off her Kamui.

"She has won the challenge" she admitted calmly, serenely; inside she was boiling with anger. "Mako Mankanshoku is now the leader of Honnoji for one week..." she turned and began to walk towards the school's exit.

"Lady Satsuki..." Gamagori gasped as he stepped forward.

"No Gamagori... I am a No-Star. You will serve her for one week.." she explained, turning around for a moment before walking off again.

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