~ First Day ~

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Satsuki Kiryuin. A young woman at seventeen and although without her mother's beautiful hair, she however had her looks and overpowering presence. That much he could tell as his eyes analysed and looked upon her proud form. The golden glow, even though it wasn't emitted from any light source, struck him square in the eyes, almost blinding him.

Bodyguard. The word gained his attention as his role hadn't been specified yet, in fact he was closer to an observer and possibly a spy. Perhaps she wasn't as sharp as her mother like he had thought. Regardless he continued to stay quiet as she explained her standards and even tested him in act of what was clearly seduction. But once again all that did was prove how little she knew about him. As an assassin and life-fibre humanoid, the human body wasn't anything new to him and it certainly did not interest him. Not to mention his mask did avert his eyes from whatever sign of weakness she was looking for.

"Evan Wagner, but your mother has codenamed me, "Viper." Now with that said, Satsuki Kiryuin." He got up from the desk and stood on his own two feet with his hands at his sides.

"I won't be following your orders to that extent. I've been ordered by your mother to observe and test a few things she'd like to see, such as Ryuko Matoi and her Kamui. So with that said, I won't be changing from this attire nor can I promise that I won't interact with the students. However, I will be watching you whether you like it or not." He turned to the window and made his way into a shadow, the entirety of his body fading into it except for the dark red lines across his body that emitted a soft glow.

"It was a pleasure to meet you." Without another word he took his leave from the bedroom, the assassin leaving as soon as he came.

Speaking just as he walked into the shadows, she made sure he heard.

"You will serve me and listen to my orders when you are on my property, even if you are my mothers spy" she told him. "Honnoji academy is mine, not my mothers"

When Satsuki was sure he was gone, she stood up and let her towel fall to the ground. Dressing in a simple night dress, she headed to her large bedroom in the next room and went to sleep.

The next day, taking the chopper to the school, Satsuki watched everywhere for this 'Viper', she briefed her four 'Generals' on him and what he was. She did not know he was a life-fibre humanoid just yet but she gave them information on him being her mother spy.

Several idea's were thrown around. Fight him, punish him for speaking to her like he had, ignore him and learn about him. It was easy to guess who thought what; her underlings were always so predictable.

Addressing the school as to the new rules, she even spoke of Viper, stating. "This boy, will be treated below any zero star, you will not follow his orders, you will NOT fight him, you will not do anything. He is nothing.." she barked across the school; the light behind her blinding everyone in her aura.

Turning to sit back down on her chair, she took the cup of tea and waited for something to occur; with someone like this 'Viper' and Ryuko Matoi in her midst, anything could happen.

Viper, on his way out had heard the daughter of his creator and found the order more annoying than it was troublesome. Had he really been sent here to observe someone so...transparent? He didn't know what to think, but he did know that he'd need to prepare for the next morning when she would inevitably try to rebel against his presence.

Making his way to various convenient stores that although were incredibly poor, did have the supplies that he needed. Such supplies were some hair dye, school clothes, and some basic school supplies like a bag and books. Viper put them together the next day and went from a white haired assassin to a blonde delinquent with blue eyes rather then his multi glowing rainbow. With his disguise put together, the assassin then knew he needed to steal an identity and did so with a no-star delinquent that he rendered unconscious and left in a dumpster. The student, Domon Hibari wasn't ugly or pretty by any means, which in the end made his disguise all the more convincing. After all, who pays attention to a delinquent and a nobody?

With his new identity in place, the assassin and now student made his way into the school with a white one star coat and the uniform in something of a rebellious style with an open coat that revealed the simple white shirt underneath. His next set of actions upon getting into the school were to find Ryuko Matoi, which took him about five minutes with how talkative her Kamui or "Senketsu" as she called it was. However, he did not introduce himself or even say a word to the known problem student, instead he kept his distance and blended into the crowd as the student council called an assembly.

Viper watched alongside the students, the golden glow of Satsuki announcing his presence and denouncing him as a nobody in the school. The urge to roll his eyes was strong, but to keep his low profile up he simply stayed complacent, although his eyes did wander to Ryuko and the one called Mako.

It did not surprise him that the brown haired girl had fallen asleep in place and Ryuko was more focused on leering at the student council president.

Once the meeting came to an end with what looked to be Satsuki waiting for his presence, the students were left to their own devices and classes. It was then Viper took a seat beside Ryuko in their first class together and then initiated contact with the most tact that he had.

"Oi, Ryuko. Do you know what homework we had today?" The girl with the Kamui turned to him with a confused blink obviously completely at a loss to who he was, and then proceeded to ask the question he'd thought that she would ask.

"Who are you...?" The satisfaction on Vipers face did not show, but if it had he would've been grinning like an idiot. Instead the expression on his face showed his displeasure and he ran his hand through his hair in an exaggerated manner with an animated sigh.

"Come on man! I'm Domon Hibari! I've been sitting right next to you! With...her..." He looked to Mako and wasn't surprised to see that she was dead asleep. How the two had become friends something of a complete mystery all things considered, but he'd figure it out one way or another. After all, his infiltration was and is successful.

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