~ First Meeting ~

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Honno City. An artificial island with a city that has the rich and poor divided into four different districts. Each district is separated through the ranking of the Goku Uniform that went from No Stars, the poorest and least favoured uniform to the Three Stars, the richest and favoured outfit. These outfits were worn by the students of Honnoji Academy, the crown jewel and most important part of the city.

The academy was a high-school that acted as both a school and a castle in itself, its form towering above each and every district in the city. The school was ruled by Satsuki Kiryuin and had it's dictatorship-like rule enforced by the Elite Four members that all had their own place in the school as committee chairmen. These five in tandem had created an unbreakable iron-clad rule that for as long as anyone could remember had gone mostly unchallenged, save for the few that would try to steal a uniform only be put on display by the Disciplinary Committee Chair's Ira Gamagori. It was not until recently that things had all changed.

With the transfer of a certain hot-blooded young woman from Tokyo named Ryuko Matoi.

Ryuko from the moment that she had stepped into the school had challenged it's authority and gotten thoroughly beaten to a pulp because of it, however, things hadn't stopped there. No, Ryuko was as persistent as she was stubborn and came back to the school in a super-weapon never before seen on school grounds. A Kamui. A revealing yet incredibly powerful Goku Uniform that had granted her the power to successfully defeat the boxing club captain that had defeated her before, and on top of that challenge the authority of Satsuki Kiryuin.

That had been her first day in the school. Ryuko, after making friends with Mako Mankanshoku and living with her family, would follow through by battling the tennis club captain and Satsuki Kiryuin herself. The latter of whom would be forced to put on a Kamui herself, and in the end despite all odds reach a stalemate that would end with Ryuko having to battle the other club presidents and the Elite Four.

On top of all of this and unbeknownst to anyone, Ragyo Kiryuin, the head of the REVOC corporations attention had been gained. Though it would not be due to the transfer student, but her own daughter that took her "wedding dress" without even saying a single word. Normally this wouldn't be a problem considering the situation but the head of the corporation was well-aware that the power that her daughter has obtained is steadily getting close to rivalling her own. She'd rather avoid a rebellion and sent a single trusted agent to oversee her daughter's work. This agent is an assassin named Evan Wagner and codenamed "Viper."

Evan was the only surviving test subject of a project to mix together both life fibre via strands of Junketsu and man together. Viper was an agent that was unlike his sister the grand courtier in both power and sexual allure. A young man in his teens, much like Nui and Satsuki, the assassin had a handsome face and a toned muscular build that drew the attention of women and some men alike. The fangs in his mouth that resulted from his unique birth has earned him his codename and the nickname "Viper" from Nui.

As another child to Ragyo, the hybrid was the only trusted male in her circle with a one hundred percent completion ratio on each of his missions. His existence unknown to the majority of the world, even Satsuki until he had been given the mission to keep an eye on her; the two meeting for the first time.

Both of them met in the evening in the Student Council Presidents private quarters in the silence of the night. Evan had come in through a window in the dead of night to avoid being seen by the townspeople and the chairmen that he would inevitably have to meet. His facial features were covered by a white porcelain mask with a thin red line around the bottom and black eyes with a purple lightning bolt going along the right eye. The top portion of his clothing were dark with a long trench-coat that fell to his ankles over a black turtleneck with vibrant red lines along the neck and chest that connect to his pants. Much like his jacket, black with the red lines along their entirety that connect to his black boots that gently touch on the floorboards. He adjusted one of his black gloves as he explored the room, the other hand smoothing through his bone white hair smoothed over into a suave style. The room was simple as expected and in its own way elegant like his creators, but one thing sets it apart.

The screams and cries of Junketsu.

Due to his hybrid nature he has always been able to communicate with life fibres and hear their otherwise silent thoughts, usually they were quiet or firm in how they spoke; his progenitor was loud and bloodthirsty in a way that was both unnerving and strange. He could not imagine how Satsuki was able to wear such an animal, but at the same time knew that with her iron will there wasn't much that could stop her to begin with.

With that thought in mind he turned away from the clothing and to the sound of water and movement, his trained mind easily putting it together that he'd arrived during her bath. He decided to wait at her desk rather then interrupt and took a seat atop it with his attention on the door.

~ Earlier ~

"Silence Junketsu, or I will have you torn apart and remade to lack the ability to speak" Satsuki Kiryuin hissed to herself as she stared out of the last window of the room; she had been stood here for sometime and was growing bored of waiting for this spy in her midst. Junketsu had been shifting on its coat hanger sealed away in the specially created suit-cover. She could not hear as much as what her enemy could but she could hear its hissing, its moaning; an animalistic groaning

"Mother must really not trust me" she thought out loud, "She believes that I will take her throne, although she is correct, her assumptions on the fact and her actions on sending a spy to watch over me means I may have to accelerate my plans" she mumbled to herself as she walked along the rooms dark floor, sword at her side and her eyes set forward.

"Mitsuzo Soroi" she spoke over her shoulder at her butler. "Prepare my bath, I will not give my time to this spy by waiting for him" she ordered.

"Yes My lady" he bowed and left to go run her bath. Walking into the bathroom once the water was finished, she stripped of her clothing and sat back in the bath; her sword not leaving her hands until she placed it down beside the bath ready to wash herself with the now free hand.

She took her time, deciding that she was going to make this man wait rather than she waiting for him.

Junketsu was getting agitated on its hanger, she guessed that her visitor was here in the next room. Relaxing back in the bath for another ten minutes, she got up and wrapped herself in a towel.

Taking the time to dry herself down and then left the room. Junketsu was held by the hook of the hanger over her right shoulder while she held her sword with her left. Walking out into the office and hanging up the hook on a inset behind her chair, she turned to the man at her desk.

"You must be my new bodyguard" she did not call him a spy to his face, she knew he most likely knew his job here but she was going to be polite to anyone who had the ear of her mother.

"If you are going to be following me, you will be dressed in a smart outfit, you will not be wearing any of my Goku uniforms, nor will you attack, say anything nor interact with any of my subjects at school. If you are going to be following me, you will remain two steps behind me and one to the left or right" she explained simply, sitting down on the chair.

As she sat down, she crossed her legs, testing him already as she revealed her crotch to him for the moment while she crossed her legs. Her eyes remained on his as she acted like she had not noticed what she was doing.

"What is your name?"

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